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Animal Crossing New Leaf Photo Journal: Day 2

Today was the Bug Off, and the new Mayor I had to show my villages who was boss in all things.  While wandering around looking for bugs in the early hours of the morning I came across a fenced off area.  Looks like we’re getting a new villager in a day or too.  I’m not sure what kind of animal Lionel is, but I’ve decided to leave it as a surprise and not do any investigating on the inter-cyber-web-nets.



Once the Nook shop opened to promptly went to get my fortune cookie and lo and behold I am now the proud, but slightly creeped out owner of Majora’s Mask.



I was making loads of money selling the less than suitable bugs and was able to pay off my second home loan!



Tomorrow I shall have a bigger house!  I then decided to take a break from bug hunting and visited a town belonging to Katie.  Katie is in another country and has her island unlocked so she invited me to go with her to her island and try out a few tours.  I had so much fun balloon popping and running around mazes and swimming in the ocean in my wet suit that I completely forgot to take any pictures until I was on my way home.  Here is a part of the song Kapp’n was singing.



I had been up from about 7am that day and the villagers were starting to get worried as I hadn’t taken a break, which is fair enough but I thought this was a bit harsh.



Eventually 6pm arrived and of course I won the Bug Off with my Birdwing Butterfly worth 112 points.  I’m not sure why my face looks evil when I’m happy.





I was chuffed to bits with my new trophy which is now proudly on display in my house.  Most of the villagers congratulated me the next time they saw me with the exception of Puddles.  I think I’d better watch my back around her.



After the tournament was finished I set to work on getting my Mayor Approval Rating to 100% so that I can start on community projects and changing the town ordinance.  It was really tough to get this to 100% in one day, but perhaps with the distraction of the Bug Off it took longer than need be.  Not to worry, everyone loved me and tomorrow we shall start big things I tell you.

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