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Animal Crossing New Leaf Photo Journal: Day 1



A warm welcome to you all from Nagrand.  I am Mayor Fi and I am in charge.



On my first day as Mayor there wasn’t a great deal to do other than introduce myself to my villagers and get my bearings.  As you can see from above, my villagers joined in the planting of a tree to commemorate my Mayorship.

From left to right my villagers are: Barold (bear cub), Puddles (frog), Lily (frog), Rooney (kangaroo) and Amelia (eagle).  I have been told my village can support up to 10 villagers so it will be interesting to see who else moves into town, hopefully soon!

I spent most of my day fishing and bug catching, though it turns out a bug caught me first.





After a long day fishing and ending up with not much money because I donated almost everything to the museum I decided to go back home to my tent.  A pitiful tent which will be upgraded to a house tomorrow, so Tom Nook says.  Until then, here is where I will be staying.  You can see a Triforce which I got today from my fortune cookie.



Check back tomorrow for more from Nagrand!

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