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Animal Crossing New Leaf Photo Journal: Day 3

Today was a pretty slow day.  I decided to start my first community project for a new bridge just further west than the first bridge, it will make getting around town much easier.  Need a lot of donations though, but hopefully it will be finished by tomorrow.

I went to pay our new villager a visit, but it seemed like he was still unpacking so wouldn’t be going out anytime soon.  I’ll tell you what though, I think I’m gonna like this guy.



I decided today would be a good day to visit other towns since there wasn’t much going on in mine.  I went to Mike’s town and we went to the island as he had ventured there before.  Kapp’n sang a great song on the way there.




What a guy…frog… Anyway after some fun and games where I forgot to take photos AGAIN, I decided to open the gates to my own town and let people come.  I think I had about 6 or 7 mayors from other towns come visit.  This is me with Greg and Lisa.



I spent the rest of my day fishing, and fishing and fishing.  The end result was that Phileas turned up and gave me a medal for doing so much fishing. Chuffed to bits I was.



Tomorrow should be a much more eventful day.  I will get to go to the tropical island from my own town.  I will get to see Lionel out and about, and I will also hopefully have a new bridge.

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