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I’m Speaking at Cymera Fest 2019!

*Edit: Here it is!

So here’s a thing! I’ll be on stage for Brave New Worlds 2019 at Cymera Festival, Scotland’s Festival of Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror! I’m supporting the panel with Leo Carew, Den Patrick & R. F. Kuang on Sunday the 9th of June.

As part of Brave New Worlds, I come out at the start and tell everyone a bit about Anna Undreaming and Metiks Fade. The idea is to let newer authors who have just started their writing career share their first releases with a big audience before the panel events.

Looking at the guest list, it’s a real who’s-who of modern sci fi, fantasy and horror, so it was really exciting to be asked along. I’ve never even attended a convention like this before far less presented my work to an audience, but I am really excited for Cymera to be my first experience.

I might either perform a reading, or maybe just provide an overview of Metiks Fade and what I hoped to achieve with the series. What do you think? Drop me a message on social media and tell me what you’d like to hear me present at Cymera! I can’t wait to see you there.

You can learn more about Brave New Worlds and my talk here, and you can book Cymera Festival here.

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