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Scottish Book Trust – Book Me!

I was recently successful in my application to join the Scottish Book Trust’s Live Literature Programme. This is really exciting, as it means I can now be booked to come along and chat to groups about writing. I’ll be sharing my experience of the publication process, how to stay motivated while writing a novel and what it’s like to write for games and interactive fiction.

If you’re interested in having me come talk at a school, university, employer or writers group, please get in touch!

Here’s an extract from the Scottish Book Trust’s site:


I am an award winning fantasy and short story author based in Glasgow. My fantasy trilogy ‘Metiks Fade‘ debuted in March 2018 with book one, ‘Anna Undreaming‘ published by Owl Hollow Press. I was the winner of the Elbow Room fiction prize for ‘And Then I was Floating‘ and I have also been published in ‘The 404 Ink F Word Collection’ and ‘Leicester Writes’. My story ‘Suicide Vending Machine’ is featured on the Pseudopod podcast, and I am currently the lead writer for a major upcoming videogame.

About writer’s work

I started writing fiction in early 2016. My first novel “Anna Undreaming” was picked up for publication by Owl Hollow Press in Mar 2018. I have been contracted to write a trilogy, and I am in negotiations to option the manuscript for a movie.

With the upcoming release of my fantasy trilogy, I’ve been invited to talk at schools and I’m appearing in interviews in mainstream media including i–on magazine, The Daily Record, The Herald, The Student Association magazine, and on STV and Pulse Radio.

Before writing fiction I wrote mainly as a videogames journalist. I’ve appeared on a number of gaming podcasts and have freelanced for some of the biggest sites in the world like Kotaku, Unwinnable Magazine and GlitchFreeGame. I’ve also written dialogue and background material for some games, and I’m the lead writer on a major upcoming videogame title.

I’m interested in fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and inverting the genre tropes within each. I like dark-but-hopeful fiction, monsters that are people and people that are monstrous, and tales where women save themselves.

Websites featuring the author

TV Interview
Publisher profile

Current events and projects

I can do readings, residences or workshops. In particular, I’ve spoken about world building in fantasy and sci-fi, creating magical systems, feminism and diversity in fiction and the publishing process, from finishing a manuscript to finding a publisher and marketing a complete novel.

I’m also keen to run workshops on:

  • Social media and marketing strategies for authors
  • How to attract a publisher or agent
  • How to stay motivated while writing your first book
  • Common mistakes made by new authors
  • Writing for interactive fiction and videogames.

As I’ve worked in areas typically attractive to people aged 16-24 (fantasy, sci-fi, graphic novels and writing for videogames) I’m also keen to work with younger writers.

Other work

I have taught game design in universities and colleges here in the UK. I also traveled to Shanghai to teach games design, and I’ve been involved in the Global Game Jam where I presented keynotes on games writing, judged entries and appeared on mainstream media. My work in games writing led to my induction into the fellowship of BAFTA, allowing me to judge the entries for films as well as games.

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