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Authors Update: Sans Lingua Franca in 404 Ink Magazine

My short story “Sans Lingua Franca” will be featured in Issue 2 of the 404 Ink Literary Magazine. It’s a bleak vision of a future where all communication breaks down due to a virus that destroys the language centre of the human brain. Cheery!

I’m really excited to have my work in this great collection from 404 Ink. They’re an independent, alternative publishing company and recently put out Nasty Women, which has been a huge success.

I think this is the first time I’ve had my name on the cover of something that wasn’t a disappointingly small payslip, so I’m pretty excited. Sans Lingua Franca is the third publication I’ve had this year. I also appeared as the winner of The Elbow Room Collection with “And Then I was Floating”, and I had a teensy section in “You Died”, a book about Dark Souls by Jason Killingsworth and Keza MacDonald.

I’m making a little shelf at home with my printed work. It’s a very, very small shelf, but it used to have dust on it and now it has books. Books with my words in them. And it’s growing!

You might see two more of my short stories pop up soon, but for now I need to get back to editing Anna Undreaming, which comes out early next year. My editing team at Owl Hollow Press are working incredibly hard and I can’t believe how much the book has improved with their support and feedback. Anna is the first part of the Metiks Fade series, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Nothing fills a shelf like an epic fantasy trilogy!

(Owl Hollow also just put out Jack be Quick by Benjamin Thomas, which you can buy here.)

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