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Anna Undreaming will be published by Owl Hollow Press

I am delighted to announce that my first book ANNA UNDREAMING will be published by Owl Hollow Press. This is the first entry in my METIKS FADE fantasy trilogy, and Owl Hollow will be bringing all three books to market.

After two years of writing, rewriting and pitching my work, I really didn’t know how to react when I received an offer for publication. I thought getting a deal was a crazy dream, like having a pet dinosaur or flying to the moon. I’m glad to say I didn’t rush into any decisions and in the end I was lucky enough to have several offers to choose from. I felt like Emma and Hannah at Owl Hollow Press represented the best home for Anna and I am very excited to work with them.

Here’s a little more about the book:

The Metiks Fade series is Thomas Welsh’s first fantasy trilogy. The series debuts with book 1, Anna Undreaming, released early 2018.

“Sometimes the ash catches a spark and sometimes the flame splutters back to life.”

Lacking a better target, fate’s hammer falls on a heart already smashed to shards. That heart belongs to Anna, a young, apathetic student weighed down by the drudgery of her daily routine. Seeking an escape, she comes across a stranger called Teej who promises to open her up to a whole new world. A world of Aesthete’s: writers, musicians and artists who are so preeminent in their respective fields that their abilities allow them to alter the very fabric of reality. The magical worlds they create are known as “Hazes” – possibility spaces where the world becomes dream, and the dreamer is God.

“In a world of dying light, you’re a bonfire in the night.”

As Anna travels through Dreams – from endless deserts of purple sand to run-down bars on the moon – she learns that there’s as much beauty in the world as there is horror. With a complex conspiracy at work within the community of Aesthete’s that threatens to undermine reality itself, Anna will have to look deep within herself – and eventually will have to face the horrors of her own past – to save her old world as well as her new one.

Check back for more news soon. For now I’m busy editing and preparing promotion. I can’t wait to share my work with you all!




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