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Our Most Shameful Gaming Confessions

We all have our secrets. When we’re at home and there’s no one to judge, all of us have our little indulgences. Here’s the anonymised gaming confessions of the CDT crew:

DOABeach“I Disconnected my xbox to play the first DOA beach volleyball when it came out. Also, instead of trading it in, I binned it. No way was I going into the shops with that.”

“The first time I played GTA IV, I did what one does with a prostitute in the game. My shock at the choices available were soon replaced with the shock of just how brutal the mechanics of taking any money back was. I couldn’t bring myself to do it again.”

“I had an inbred child in Crusder Kings II, all for an achievement.”

“Left my PS3 on overnight with two elastic bands wrapped round the analogue sticks for a trophy in LBP Karitng. A game which I hate.”

FFX2“When I talk about forcing my dad to take me to buy a PlayStation because FF10 came out…………………………………. it was really because FFX-2 came out.”

“I have 1000GP on Viva PiƱata on 360…. And 960 on games for windows live.”

“My most vivid memories of terrible things are from GTA IV. Once, I went on an Internet date with “Carmen”, who I found obnoxious at the time. Hated every moment of it, so I decided to smash the car into a short wall to send us both flying into the sea, as NPC’s die in the water. Unfortunately, this didn’t work. I was propelled and hit the wall, while Carmen remained in the car. I left to find another car to try this with, and went back to pick her up in a huge truck. She tried to get in, but I kept driving forward and back the second she touched the door handle. After about 5 minutes of this, the game froze my controls, so Carmen could get in the car and break up with me.”

“When kinky costume female wrestling game ‘Rumble Roses’ came out on the 360, I disconnected from Xbox Live so I could play the demo without anyone knowing.”

“To get out of keeping a crap game if I played it and didn’t like, I would scratch the disk and take it back and claim the disk was like that when I opened it. Got around a lot of “no returns” policy. Would either get something new or ask for money back as I’d changed my mind.”

“We used to do that thing, where you had a shot of Sonic till you died then passed it to the next person… Used to lie to my mum and tell her that the spikes were bouncy and got you to higher places in the level so she died and we could get a shot.”

MK2-13--article_image“I convinced my little sister Mortal Kombat was a game she’d really like, so we both saved up a pound a week for half a year to buy it. I knew she wouldn’t like it. Worst of all my mum and dad knew, and they were disappointed in me but let me do it to teach my sister a lesson about being careful with people who will trick her out of money.”

“I once had an American friend export my Gamertag to get me 1000 Gamerscore in a game, which I’ve never been proud of.”

“I wrote a program that would vibrate an Xbox controller infinitely so that I could rubber band my pokewalker to it and get all the rewards for doing a million steps.”

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