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Warside Update

Recently I previewed Warside, the Russian Indie developed game that brings together attributes from both a classic platformer and an MMO shooter. Well they released a short video with their classes yesterday to entice you further. The video shows just a short bit of footage for each class, but it conveys enough to let you know which one you’d prefer.


The base class, it’ll keep you safe in most combat situations. It’s best suited for newbies as it is quite versatile.


This ones for those of you who like to stand still and let your guns do all the talking. You’ll be the hard line that the enemies have to cross.


Your singular job is to make sure your team-mates keep getting back up. You’ll be fitted with a healing beam that heals your team.


The quick and sneaky types will love this class. You are more suited to staying out of direct combat and either hanging back with a big old sniper. Or sneaking in behind the enemy and making sure they aren’t able to focus their fire on a single target.

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