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Should I be Excited about?.. iON Bond

Smiling Bag games upcoming release iON Bond keeps Stuart calm as he defies his urge to rage quit.

iON Bond, from Smiling Bag games, is a puzzler that might teach you a little something if you pay attention. Which you will because that is how you progress. The game is set for release on iOS, Android and PC/Mac. I think the hand-held versions will play better though. However, at this point it is purely speculation.

beauty in it's simplicitySmiling Bag games, creators of I am level, have released another game that looks set to be oddly addictive, (I’ll explain later) as you see your particles beautifully collide into their counterparts in iON Bond. The game is well thought out, and you’ll be reading the instructions carefully to give yourself an edge in the upcoming chapters.

The objective of the game is to collide all the colour matching particles, there are neutrinos to collect as well for added challenge. The neutrinos are dotted about each level to force the player to use their ingenuity and understanding of the game. It’s a nice added challenge and doesn’t feel forced. It feels a natural part of the game.

All the LevelsThe game has plenty of levels to keep you occupied but don’t let the fact that it is a puzzler fool you into thinking this is a mere casual game, it isn’t. You’ll be approaching stress, over how to overcome a level within the first chapter, then you’ll become confused as to how you completed the following levels with such ease.

The main drawback for the game is that there is not a hook. It doesn’t challenge you enough to keep you coming back. I loved the game but once I had completed a level, collecting all the neutrinos, I never went back. As a puzzler, it was fun and as I got stuck on each level I was addicted to it until it was completed. However, once you put the game down it doesn’t have you thinking about it.

It Gets HarderThe game excels in it’s simplicity. Visually there isn’t too much going on as you play the game, but the moment those particles collide you are gifted with simplistic beauty.

The overall feel of the game is that it is a chilled out puzzler. Challenging you to make the particles collide into their colourful swirls, whilst keeping your mood controlled with the soothing music. The game is difficult but there isn’t a point where I had to rage quit, I felt annoyed, obviously, but there was no fits of anger or episodic rage. It’s one to look out for, but it doesn’t have much replay-ability aside from the collection of all the neutrinos.

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