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The 10 Best New Features in Pokemon X and Y by The Pokemon Bros

Pokemon X and Y are released on the 12th of October, and are the newest generation of Game Freak’s Pokemon series. These games will be centred around the a new Pokemon trainer, who starts off in a little town before being kicked out by his mum for being a layabout. That is until the Pokemon trainer is gifted a Pokemon by the town (and regions) resident Professor. Ok, so the story is pretty much the same as it has always been, but there is more to Pokemon than just the story…

While the story may not be the main selling point for Pokemon games, the franchise has a vast array of merchandise that fans love to collect. From plushies and figurines to trading cards and even Mini Katana, there’s something for everyone. And with the popularity of Pokemon only continuing to grow, it’s no wonder that fans are always eager to add more Pokemon and other anime merch to their collections. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the series or a newcomer, the world of Pokemon has something to offer for anyone who loves cute and colorful creatures.

As the resident Pokemon Bros. We (Paul and Stuart) feel that we are the two candidates who will bring an extensive knowledge of not only the Pokemon Universe in both games and the anime series, but also with lesser known Roms and independent games. For more on Pokemnon ROM hacks, check this article out.

Pokemon X Y Mount10. Ability to use Pokemon as land transport
If you haven’t been made aware this generation (VI) is the first in which you are able to use a Pokemon as a source of increased land mobility. There has always been the ability to ride on top of flying and swimming (both because it would be impossible to get to the locations otherwise or it would take a long ass time to get there), and even in the anime series the trainers have been able to ride Pokemon on land, such as the episode where they race. So why has this not been in the game before? I believe it’s due to the poor avatars used for Pokemon whilst in the exploration view, as they were never quite the same as the ones in battle mode, but now that the game has gone full 3D they can properly portray the Pokemon.

9. Mega evolution
Ok, so this has been on everybody’s lip; what Pokemon will be able to mega evolve and what will their mega evolutions look like? Well from what we’ve seen, they look badass, and are dependent on the version of the game you have (well played Nintendo). The mega evolution appears to have something to do with the ring (bangle) that your character wears on their wrist. This ring allows the player to use Mega Evolution in battle and this performs an extremely powerful attack. I am interested in this mainly due to how it is going to mess with the meta-game. As it is basically an attack, due to the Pokemon reverting back to their original form (not Dragonball-esque at all). I am just wondering though if they revert straight after their attack, or if they remain in their mega evolution after their initial attack. We’ll have to wait and see.

Pancham8. New evolution method
These games also bring a new way to evolve, the only example has been given is Pancham and Pangoro. This evolution shows the panda like Pancham, who’s sprite shows attitude, evolves into Pangoro, which looks like one he could give Po a run for his money.

7. Introduction of a new type, enter the fairies
Ok, it’s a silly name for a silly type. However, they are the only type super effective against the ever powerful Dragon type since Ice type. I have played Skyrim, you don’t beat dragons by dancing around in front of them and being cute. To be honest I haven’t tried, but it just makes no game sense. That being said, it is good to finally have another type added to Pokemon, and even though it was not actually announced (but really was ages and ages ago), we still haven’t seen all that this type has to offer. So I can’t wait to get a proper look at this generation.

6. Always has to be the 3 new starters
The best thing about a new Pokemon game is the 3 new starter Pokemon. This is because they are just as rare as any of the legendaries. You may come across other Pokemon that are starters throughout the game in trainer battles, but try catching a wild one. Not since Yellow have you been able to catch 1 of the 3 starter Pokemon from that generation.

5. New way of leveling Pokemon
Pokemon X and Y will introduce two new ways of training Pokemon which will focus more on a Pokemon’s EV values than its levels. EV values have been around since the beginning as a hidden stat that greatly influences a Pokemon’s individual stats, and it looks like they will be visible, at least to some degree, in X and Y which will appeal to the competitive gamers especially, as EV training helps massively when it comes to facing against other player’s Pokemon.

4. New types of battle: Sky & Horde
Pokemon X and Y will see the introduction of Sky Battles and Horde Encounters. Sky Battles are fought only with Flying-type Pokemon or Pokemon with the ability ‘Levitate’. Horde battles, on the other hand, take place in a 5 versus 1 format where five different wild Pokemon either of the same species or different battle your Pokemon individually. From what has been shown, it seems like the weaker Pokemon are encountered in hordes so as not to stack the odds to harshly in their favour.

3 O-Powers
Pokemon Black and White saw the addition of Pass Powers which gave different boosts to players as they encountered other players. In X and Y, O-Powers will function similarly to Pass Powers. Different boosts that you can receive are: a boost in the amount of experience you gain from battles, amount of money you gain from victories, and even increases in certain stats. O-Powers are also able to be transferred to people around you and over the internet, allowing for distant friends to benefit from each other’s O-Powers.

2. You Get to Choose a Kanto Starter
Yes, you heard me right. You get to pick TWO starters; one from this generation and one from the first. You’ve probably heard of the starters from this upcoming generation – Froakie, Chespin and Fennekin – AND one from your old favourites. Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur will make appearances and you will apparently get them from a Professor. This has a lot of people excited. You can effectively cover your starters biggest weakness by choosing it’s opposite typing when you get your Kanto starter. Everyone can agree that the return of the old favourites only scores the game more points. I’m not sure if any other generations starters will be included but I have a funny feeling they might be. All I know is that I cannot wait to have Charizard again.

Pokemon T Rex1. New Pokemon
Ok, so some people will have a different opinion on this but the key factor of a new Pokemon release is the new Pokemon. Some might say they are getting worse and worse and gen 1 or 2 is king. I can see their point with Pokemon like Garboder, Vinillish or Chandelure, but we have had object Pokemon from gen one with Voltorb and Magnemite. With X and Y, I am looking forward to the things that have spawned from the minds of Game Freak this time. I know for a fact I’m looking forward to using a Honedge, Panchem, Pyroar and Meowstic, and let’s be honest, who is not looking forward to Tyrunt and Tyrantrum the T-rex Pokemon? If you say no… I question your sanity.

Outwith the game, something to get excited about if you are a Pokemon fan is Pokemon Origins the anime. This is a four part Pokemon animated series following the story of the first games. The story of Red and Blue aired in Japan on October second, so if you can’t wait and find it online then you can watch it in Japanese. If like me you are ok with a short wait then the American release is November 15th.

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