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Should I be excited about… Goodbye Deponia

This third offering of the Deponia Series by Daedalic Entertainment, Goodbye Deponia, has you once again play as Rufus, the main protagonist, as you explore the world of Deponia. After the excellence of the first game, and the critically slightly improved second, will this farewell to the world of Deponia be on good terms? Or will it have fans bad mouthing it like a spurned lover.

GoodbyeDeponiaScreenshot05This is a preview, therefore there are a few parts of the game missing, like the rest of the story as I was only able to play the first three chapters and the songs weren’t in English, but they will be for release. The game was a bit clunky at times, with the cut scenes making the game jitter for a second which overall did hamper the experience, I know that these won’t be in the full release of the game, but this is a preview and I at times the game was very difficult to play due to these. This game is also not quite as difficult as Night of The Rabbit, and Goodbye Deponia pays more attention to using bad puns(which are meant to be bad) and ridiculously silly lines of dialogue.

The game is the final outing for Rufus as he battles his way to Elysia as they try to destroy Deponia, you continue your point and click adventure from where you left off. That doesn’t mean you have to play the previous games however, as the tutorial for this game has you rescue Goal(again) from her imminent death with one of Rufus’ amazing maneuvers, all while another character(a fan of Rufus) acts as a historian for the Deponia games. The way that Daedalic have chosen to enlighten new players of the game fits Deponia perfectly, it’s silly, it gets its point across and its fun. I should mention as you are talking to your fan you are actively witnessing the complex relationship he has with other people. He wants the fame and adulation from everyone, even if it means that his closest friends are in peril. In this case Goal was holding on to an axle for dear life as it revolved at a tremendous rate.

GoodbyeDeponiaScreenshot06The ingame music fits the junk world of Deponia, as the percussive instruments make very junkyard-makeshift-instrumental sounds. It’s hard to picture, but an example I would give is the fat albert theme, but with heavy bass. The voice acting is good, the voices themselves suit the characters but the volume of the voice acting fades at certain points and is drowned out by the not-quite background music.

As a fan of not only Deponia, but of the other Daedalic point and click adventures (Memoria and Night of the Rabbit), I am happy that they stuck with the art style that has been present in the first two Deponia games. The cartoony art style plays to the comedic and non-serious nature of the game and if Daedalic had tried to go down the route of say Memoria, then I think that the game wouldn’t have been as good.

Humorous, brilliant point and click action with kick ass cut scenes that truly do make Rufus look awesome. I am very much looking forward to the full release of the game on the 18th of October 2013 and can’t wait to finally finish off my journey in Deponia. It may be Goodbye Deponia, but it’s a fond farewell.

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