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Top 5 Songs to Help you Frag

Anthony Denovan shares his best five songs to frag to. What are yours?

Personally, I love a good online FPS deathfest! After a stressful day doing whatever it may be, there’s nothing quite like blasting people away all in the name of fun.

That being said, after some time, I get the feeling that I’m lagging behind other players, and my hearts no longer in “the zone”. “Why not take a break Tony?” I hear you ask. Personally it’s because I don’t think it’s time that’s the factor, but my attitude/mood. My own personal solution is to fire up some kick-ass beats! Not only does this make me feel livelier, but I also feel like it ups my game.

So here is my top 5 tracks that help me bring my A game. I hope they will help you too! And if not, why don’t you suggest your own below!

5. Anthrax- Deathrider

This song punches you (metaphorically) in the face right from the start! Lightning fast drums and shredding guitars seem to enable me to run like the wind, and increase my reactions tenfold!

4. Nickleback- Burn it to the ground

This time, there’s a combination of sheer gravelly, heavy bass, together with lyrics that just make you want to raze the whole map to the ground (pun intended)!

3. Rise Against- Behind Closed Doors

Slower than the last, but no less effective! This time, you’ve got heavy beats combined with hard hitting lines of not giving in regardless of the odds.

It’s the lyrics that give me that edge and allow me to want to keep going, regardless of how the odds are stacked.

2. Judas Priest- Turbo lover

A very close second, it must be said! This song is so melodic in comparison to the others. It may be Rob Halford’s unique singing style, or the unabashed sexual lyrics. Or a mixture of both that raise me from angry Tony to Euphoric Tony.

This is the song that I use when I need to step down a pace or two before I have an aneurism!

1. Metallica – Seek & Destroy

And here it is, my top track for kicking up a storm when I jump online!

The seemingly simple but immensely technical riffs and drum solos that rise and fall in tempo and anger immediately make me feel invincible! This is then combined with gruff, angry lyrics about seeking down and destroying your foes, regardless of where they hide.

These two aspects together immediately set fire to my reactions, and make for some crazy online running and gunning!

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