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Animal Crossing New Leaf Photo Journal: Day 6

Today’s journal is a wee bit shorter as we had lots going on yesterday on holiday, swimming, lots of walking, adventure golf (yes of course I won).

I had started a new community project to build a little fenced off area.  All funds were raised and by the next day the fence had been built.  I plan to fill it with some flowers but leave some space for hybrids to grow. Thankfully a few more people turned up to the ceremony this time.  Thanks to Lionel, Lilly, Amelia and of course Isabelle.



Today’s fortune cookie was a bit more mysterious, any guesses?



I won the hero’s boots with this fortune.  If I collect the entire Hero’s set then I can look like Link from the Legend of Zelda!  I put these in storage for now until I had the full set.

Next to Nookling Junction I noticed a change, and a lot of construction noise.  I wonder what is being built here.  Truth be told I know what is going here but I’ll leave it as a surprise for my next journal entry.



I deliberately reset my game in order to see Mr Resetti.  He doesn’t shout as much as in previous editions of Animal Crossing and having him turn up just once in New Leaf unlocks the Reset Centre as a community project.  So after a visit from him and a small lecture I went off to see Isabelle to get the ball rolling.  368,000 bells later (more fishing that anyone should do in a day) and I raised all the funds myself, and yes before you ask I got stung by a bee, that is why my face looks weird.


While on my travels around town I came across yet another spot reserved for a new villager.  This time Shari.  Guess I’ll need to wait until tomorrow to find out what kind of animal Shari is.


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