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Animal Crossing New Leaf Photo Journal: Day 5

Today was another lesuirely day here in Nagrand.  Mainly back and forth to the Island in order to catch rarer fish and bugs to make some money.  Not only do I have a hefty mortgage on my house to pay but I’m also the main contributor to the town’s community projects.

So I wandered off down to the beach.  Apparently Reese was paying extra for special kinds of shells today so I thought I’d better fill my pockets and clear the beach.



While I was down there I came across a strange looking chap who’d been washed up on shore.  None other than Gulliver himself!

ACNL_Gulliver 2

He was a bit lost.  It took quite a while for him to come to, but I persisted in trying to wake him.  His ship had been in some bother and he washed up ashore on my beach.  He had even forgotten where he was headed.  He gave me some details about what he was going to see.  Turns out there is a giant clock tower called Big Ben where he headed so I told him he was headed for England.  I left him to gain some strength and before long he was on his way again.  He promised to send me a souvenir once he got to England.  I’ll be watching my mailbox.

I decided as Mayor I should be the first to visit the new resident.  Do you remember the fenced off area for a villager called Peck that I saw yesterday?



I think he will be an interesting character.  Again like most other villagers who move in they just want to be left to unpack on their first day so maybe tomorrow we shall see him out and about.

So back and forth to the island I went all day, mostly fishing and bug catching.  Also went on a few tours as there were different ones available to me today.  Decided to do a little bit of swimming, though the jellyfish had it in for me today so I wasn’t in there for long.  Just as well too, look what was in the water!  If you look closer you can kind of see the wetsuit that I rented for swimming.


A whale shark!  I’d never caught one of these before.  I decided to donate it to the museum as I like to make sure our museum has plenty of new things for villagers and visitors to see when they come.  This also mean that I became another “maniac”, specifically a seafood maniac for catching lots of tropical fish from the island.  I’m fairly collecting these badges.


Oh and my fortune cookie today said something about a princess being in another castle…Toad Hat!




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