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Top 5 mods to give old games new life

Hello once again everyone here at Calm Down Tom! Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) here to bring you another article in my somewhat long running Mods articles. This time however I’m not focusing on Mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I’m focusing on Mods for other games out there like Half Life 2 for example. There are many great mods out there and this article hopes to shed some light on a number of them.

20120710-132649.jpg1.The very first mod I’d like to show you all is easily my all time favorite Mod for Half Life 2 and that’s Goldeney: Source. Goldeneye: Source is a Source Engine mod that recreates in it’s entirety the classic N64 Game Goldeneye, and personally I think it’s the best remake that has been done, ever, mainly because it keeps the exact same formula as the original but improves upon it by adding new features, updated graphics engine (Source Engine) and online play for 16 players. Version 4.2 will be an amazing update for the game as well, as it will be adding Bots to the game as well as a number of new features and updates. This mod is Highly Recommended for anyone that enjoyed Goldeneye and wants to try it either to play a great game for the first time or to revisit for nostalgic reasons as well. You can download version 4.1 here: Goldeneye: Source Gameplay

An honorable mention in the Half Life 2 section is a mod that hasn’t been released just yet but is definitely worth a look.It’s a game called Black Mesa, which is a complete recreation of the original Half Life game using the source engine, and it looks impressive. You can take a look at it and it’s progress here: Black Mesa Gameplay

2. The second mod I’d like to show you is a mod for GTA 4 that brings the entirety of San Andreas to the Rage engine. Named GTA IV: San Andreas, this mod, Currently in beta phase 2 and available for download. It is a large undertaking and is looking increasingly impressive you can download beta 2 here at their webpage: GTA IV: SA World Motion

An honorable mention in the GTA IV category is more of a mod for the sheer fun of it. It’s a mod Called Carmageddon (no relation to the original Carmageddon games released in the 90’s). This simple yet comprehensive mod changes the handling of cars so they accelerate instead of decelerate, which causes an immense amount of chaos and destruction. Recommended for those who want a random experience, You can load this mod from your desktop or just run the game normally to run the game without it. you can find the mod here: Carmageddon Gameplay

3. These next two mods i will be showing you are for the game Battlefield 2142 ( My Personal Favorite Battlefield game) The first Mod I’d like to show you today is a Mod Called First Strike which is a total conversion of 2142 into the realm of Star Wars. First Strike is a Multiplayer mod that brings a large number of battles, vehicles and weapons to the 2142 engine. A number of features include: Famous battles from the Star Wars universe, Authentic Atmosphere, dozens of weapons, vehicles and soldiers, online play for up to 64 people and persistent stat tracking. Recommended for any fan of Star Wars or the Battlefront games as I’m sure that’s what comes to mind with this mod. You can find this mod here: First Strike gameplay

Due to lack of another mod for 2142 I bring you: Forgotten Hope 2 for Battlefield 2 (I’d show you mods for Battlefield 3 but since that’s pretty new there aren’t any yet). Forgotten Hope 2 is a total conversion mod that brings it to the WWII era and is based on the original Forgotten Hope mod. With 5 separate armies to play as (Great Britain, U.S.A. Canada, Germany and Italy) and vehicles from a large number of countries including, Germany, Italy, U.S.A. Great Britain, the U.S.S.R, Canada, Australia and Civilian vehicles, the game offers a large amount of content. There are also a large amount of maps from the Eastern front as well as Northern Africa. A highly recommended mod for anyone that wants a new WWII experience. You can find more info and the download here: Forgotten Hope 2 Gameplay

20120710-133050.jpg4. Our fourth game is one of my favorites for Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword called Fall from Heaven 2, which is a total conversion mod making the game into an open world old school RPG. Adding a large number of characters to play as, Magic, Experience points and levelling, religions and a number of technologies to learn. Based on the creators Dungeons and Dragons Scenario, there are a number of heroes to choose from in the good, neutral or evil categories. You can download this mod here: Fall from Heaven 2 Gameplay

An honorable mention in the Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword section is a mod called Dune Wars, which is based on Frank Herbert’s Dune Saga. Being a total conversion mod, Dune Wars adds 9 playable factions, spice and harvesters, gigantic sandworms that roam the deserts, the ability to pay the guild to transport you to your homeworld, water, offworld trade, unique civilization ability, terraforming and a bunch of other features. Another Highly recommended mod especially for fans of the Dune Series. You can find this game and it’s download here: Dune Wars Gameplay

5. The final mod I’d like to show you all is a standalone game using the UDK or Unreal Development Kit. Originally a mod for Unreal Tournament 3, the mod Angels Fall First: Planetstorm is an objective based Assault style game that is played in two separate theaters on the ground and in space. In space you engage massive fleets of starships controlling massive weapons from interiors of ships, or launching fighters to engage the enemy. Planetside you play as either attacker or defender using a wide range of vehicles and weapons to carry out your goal. You can find the latest version here: Angels Fall First Dogfight Gameplay

The final mod this week I’d like to show you today is another Half Life 2 mod due to lack of updated Unreal Tournament 3 mods and is called The Stanley Parable. The Stanley Parable is a horror game that is narrative driven in style and offers large amounts of freedom, choice storytelling and reality. You can find the download link here: Stanley Parable Trailer

That’s all for this week folks, I’ll be sure to bring you all more great mods soon and thanks for reading and as always Happy Gaming!

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) Out!

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