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The Very Best Skyrim Mods Week 1

Hey there once again everyone! Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) here once again to bring you a huge update to my previous Skyrim Mods compilation list. This time I’ll be looking at a larger amount of mods as well as giving you more choices in mod categories such as magic, a few more audio mods and a number of other categories. This is a much needed improvement over my previous article as those mods are heavily out-dated and the Skyrim Mod Tool has been out for a number of months and gives me a lot of mods to cover.

The first category I’d like to mention to you all is a number of Weapons and Armor Mods that add various new custom weapons to the game. I will also mention a number of Blacksmithing mods here as well.

1. The first Mod in this category is a much needed re-texture for the stock armors within the game. The mod called Hvergelmirs Armor Retexture or HAR for short is an ongoing armor retexture mod created by Hergelmir for every stock piece of armor in the game. The features of this mod include improved armour textures for a much higher resolution to give them a more realistic and life-like look to each set of armor. The texture sizes are also doubled for a sharper and more detailed appearance.

This set is still ongoing as mentioned and the Fur, Iron and Banded Iron Armors are completed as of right now with Hide and Studded Armor a work in progress. If you find yourself interested in this mod you can find it here.

Hvergelmir also has another mod that would compliment this mod perfectly and that’s Hvergelmirs Shield Retexture mod which improves all of the textures to the shields within the game. You can find this mod here as well.

2. The second mod I’d like to show you all today is a weapon mod called Andragorns Armoury created by Andragorn. This mod has some incredibly detailed weapons that stick to the feel of the game well while adding a more fantasy-ish feel to them. The weapon sets included as of right now are: Fine Weapons (Daedric), Lohkrmil(Ebony), A?(Glass), Sylarntorian(Elven) Irdewirium(Orcish), and Flimsy(Iron-Steel). You can find photo’s of these great mods as well as the download here.

3. Mod number three in this section is a mod called Bound Weapons Expanded created by Warden which improves bound weapons within the game by adding all the missing weapon types including, Bound Daggers, Maces, War Axes, Claymores and Warhammers. These are in the form of Spells and Tomes. Its a great mod that improves the bound weapon field by quite a lot. You can find this mod on the Steam Workshop or here.

4. Going way off course into the realm of Sci Fi with this next weapon mod and for the fun of it, the mod, called Magicka Sabers Expanded adds Lightsabers or Magicka Sabers to the game! This mod is relatively self explanatory so if you have any interest in adding this mod to the game you can find it here.

5. The final Weapon Mod I’d like to mention today is back into the realm of fantasy and is called Isilmeriel’s LOTR Weapons, which adds a number of weapons from The Lord of the Rings. The weapons included are Legolas’ Daggers, Legolas’ Bow, Witch-King Sword, Sauron’s Mace, Anduril and Narsil, Shard of Narsil, Glamdring and the Morgul Blade. if interested in this mod you can find it here.

The short section in this list is a number of Audio Enhancement mods which improve a number of different areas sound wise, such as Music and Dungeon and Exploring audio:

1. The first mod in this section is a mod called Enhanced Soundtrack which includes 2 parts and was created by Enigmus. Part 1 adds new exploring music to the existing music in the game while part 2 adds new music to various other parts of the game. You can find Parts 1 and Part 2 here.

2. The final sound mod I’d like to mention today as I haven’t tested a whole lot of them as of yet is a mod called Sounds of Skyrim and there are 2 parts as of right now, The Dungeons and The Wilds. The Wilds adds a large number of new sound effects to the wilderness, 94 in total. Some sounds include Birds and insects, a large number of animal sounds as well as rain impact sounds on tents and wooden structures, rustling of bushes, and a number of other immersion-improving sounds. The Dungeons adds 90+ new sounds to the large amount of dungeons in the game adding new life to these dark, dank areas. This is an ongoing project of adding new sounds to the game and when the time comes for me to update this article again I’ll be sure to make mention of any new releases.

The next section I’l be telling you all about is Magic based, mods that add a large number of spells. The first and only mod that I’ve had a chance to give a full test in the magic-based mod seection that I’d like to mention is called Phendrix’s Magic Evolved, which adds a whopping 271 new spells to the game. New spell archetypes include, Pheonix, Glacial, Static, Holy, Phantom, Terra, Serpent, Gale, Blood, Oceanic, Teleportation, Spirit, Elemental, Familiar, Summoning, Skeletal, Rune, Enchantement, and a large number of other spell types. For a full list of spells and archetypes as well as the download link go here. This mod is highly recommended for any magic characters.

This final section is a short list of Quest Mods which add new quests to the game.

1. The first mod is a mod recommended for anyone tired of seeing the Helgen opening over and over. The mod, called Alternate Start-Live Another Life, adds a number of alternate starting quests to the game. Relatively self explanatory and not having much else to explain, you can find more details and the subscription on the Steam Workshop here.

2. The next mod is an ongoing compilation of quests called TESV Quest Collection, which adds a large number of new features and quests to the game. The quest list are as follows: Sea of Ghosts Seastone Edition, The Bigger They Are, No Mercy and The Realms of Daedra. The Sea of Ghosts adds a completely new area with a house to buy, a dock and many secrets, Seven new quests with varying lengths, the ability to hire a ship to travel to many new locations throughout the sea of ghosts, with full voice acting as well as additional stories and events in some locations. The Bigger They Are adds a new quest to follow in the footsteps of a legendary giant slayer, new dungeons and outdoor areas to travel and fight in, new and unique weapons and armour as worn by Holfir Giant Slayer and the chance to fight the largest giant ever seen in the lands of Skyrim. No Mercy adds a new quest relating to The Vigilant of Stendarr and strange events at a small chapel, New Dungeons and Locations with varying styles. Realms of Daedra adds a new quest to steal back a soul from the clutches of 3 Daedric Princes, 3 Daedric realms to explore, and additional stories and events in some realms. You can download all 4 quests in one pack on the Steam Workshop here.

Well everyone, that’s all the mods I’ll mention today. I will however write up another one soon featuring even more mods as the list is ever-growing. Thanks for reading everyone and happy gaming!

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) Out!

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