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Dark Scavenger Review (PC)

Hello once again everyone here at Calm Down Tom, Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) here to bring you my latest review of Dark Scavenger. Dark Scavenger is an old school turn based RPG with unique point and click adventure game mechanics as well.

Created by Psydra Games, Dark Scavenger follows your adventures through a large number of areas meeting many unique and amusing characters a long the way. The game focuses on dark humor throughout the game, and being a big fan of dark humor myself it is greatly enjoyable and quite funny throughout.

The story begins with your character being stranded in space and meeting a giant space blob named Den who’s origin and purpose is unknown during the fight. After being defeated you’re picked up by a rag tag bunch of spacers known as the Dark Scavengers. They include the leader Kamaho, a skeleton who built their space ship, Falsen who is a shady green skinned person and Gazer, who is a black squidlike demon (I think he’s a demon or at least he looks like one) with no mouth. This small group of members rounds out the Dark Scavengers and your quest begins.

During your first mission you land on a planet with dense forests and this is where the game starts picking up and where the point and click mechanics begin. During missions you are able to click on various points of interest that give you a number of different actions to proceed. For example there is a bear trap with a foot locked in it,and tou can try to pry the bear trap open with your bare hands or use an object to open it or just leave it be. There are a large number of characters who you will meet during your adventures as well. Battles play out similarly to other turn based RPG’s but with a twist.

Battles have point and click mechanics as well. Battles allow you a large number of options on what to do during your quest, ranging from the use of multiple weapons (some more effective than others) to the use of items which have various effects, and the use of summoned allies to help you during battles. The battle UI also allows you to use your fists during battle as well, using a fist icon in the top left corner of the screen. There is also a red potion icon on the screen to allow you to heal yourself if your health drops too low, as well as an inventory screen and a map to show your location.

After each section of the map you are taken back to the ship to craft various items to aid you in battle using the items you have collected during that section. Each of the Dark Scavengers offers different items to craft: Kamaho allows you to craft new weapons, Falsen allows you to craft new items, and Gazer allows the summoning of new allies to help during battle. There are a very large number of items to craft in the game as well, ranging from Bone Shard Uzi’s and a weapon named Flail Bait to allies such as the Leecharound.

Overall the game is incredibly enjoyable and quite funny all around, I highly recommend this game to anyone that wants to relive old school point and clicks or anyone that wants an amusingly funny game to play to break out of the norm of serious games. As a fan of old school games this is an amazing game and I greatly enjoyed reviewing it.

9 scavenged treasues out of 10

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

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