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1953-KGB Unleashed Review (PC)

Hello there to all our readers here at Calm Down Tom, Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) here to bring you my latest review of an atmospheric and deep point and click adventure game called 1953-KGB Unleashed. I will be honest and say it has been a majorly long time since I’ve played a point and click adventure game, and in my younger years found them to be a bit boring, but 1953-KGB Unleashed has opened my eyes quite a bit and made me realize how fun they really can be.

1953-KGB Unleashed is a game created by Phantomery Interactive and published by UIG Entertainmen.The game follows the story of an electrician who wakes up in the dark bowels of an underground tunnel system as he attempts to find his way out and uncover why he was there in the first place.. The game has some very nice visuals and an entertaining story as well. It’s greatest asset however is it’s impressive ambience-building sounds and atmosphere which greatly adds to the enjoyability of the game.

The visuals in the game are quite impressive, and while I haven’t played point and click games in years they looked fantastic to m. The games shadowing is great, as well as it’s added special effects which adds a sort of haze to the scenes around you adding greatly to the immersion of the game.  The lighting within the game is also very well done and adds greatly to the experience as well, lights get dimmer or brighter throughout making the game world an engaging place to explore.

The games many puzzles are quite impressive as well and can be incredibly difficult to figure ou. I will admit that there were some puzzles that I never would have figured out without the help of the provided walkthrough, but this difficulty is a welcome change as I’ve always preferred more challenging games to simplistic and streamlined ones.  There are large numbers of tools hidden in each area that helps with these puzzles, so exploring and finding them is key, much like other Point and Click Adventure games. There are also times when I was stumped on a puzzle then when I finally figured it out it’s like duh, don’t I feel dumb now, but i still found it to be great fun.

The atmosphere and sounds in this game are great as well, and add greatly to your experience throughout. The music that plays matches the scenes and different areas incredibly well.

Overall I’ve enjoyed having the chance to review this game, The game is definitely recommended to anyone that enjoys Point and Click Adventure games and anyone that’s looking for a new atmospheric game to play.

 8 spies spying sneakily out of 10

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) Out!

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