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Nose Invaders Review (iOS)

No one likes to get the flu, I don’t like to see people get the flu, especially my other half. And ”Man Flu”…. don’t get me started. Want to get your own back? Nose Invaders is a physics based adventure for defeating the flu virus.

Picture the scene: A flu ridden nose… ok maybe don’t, it’s a pretty gross picture. But trust me it’s much less gross looking in-game.

You get three noses to play in, though only the baby is available from the start (though elephant and cow noses will unlock later). There’s a total of 60 levels and they become increasingly challenging. The aim of each level is to eliminate 3 viruses by flicking your invader to destroy the virus and then escape out of the bottom, though it might not always be easy as this is where the physics come in!

Since you are in a nose you can expect the nose to be inhaling and exhaling and you can use this to an advantage if you need to get to a higher platform, though just be sure not to get inhaled too much or you’ll vanish into the oblivion! You can use the walls of the nose to bounce off, along with holes that will teleport you to a different part of the nose. Some platforms you will stick to if you touch them, others break if you stay on them too long. Sometimes you can knock out all of the viruses in one move, other times you need to be a bit more skillfull. From level 10 onwards you’ll begin to see things you should avoid or your invader goes splat.

You don’t even need to get all 3 viruses in order to proceed to the next level, though personal pride may prevent you from making progress. You will need to collect a set number of viruses in order to unlock the next set of 20 levels (Cow nose) and then a total 80 to unlock the final set of levels.

The controls are really simply, you just touch and drag in the direction you want to fire your invader off and let go when you’re ready. The only thing I wish I could do was change direction mid movement by dragging again, though you will change direction if the nose changes from an inhale to exhale or vice versa.

The graphics are just great. It’s all very bouncy and colourful and I love that when you are about to make your move your invaders eyes close slightly, like he’s getting ready to pounce. When you’ve collected your viruses and fly to the bottom you’re invader shouts “Wheeeeeeeeeeee!”. I giggled almost every time it happened!

This is a fantastic app to while away train journies, and a must have for your iPhone. It has found a permanent place in my Favourites folder!

9 magic nose goblins out of 10

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