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Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass Review (PC)

Da New Guys is a point and click adventure game about wrestlers brought to you by Wadjet Eye Games.

Unlikely hero Brain wins the wrestling title belt and manages to piss some people off in the process. He then gets himself kidnapped and it’s up to you to find him You play as two characters throughout this story starting with The Defender and later Simon, often switching between the two.

I’ve never really been one for point and click adventure games. The likes of Monkey Island are games I preferred to watch other people play Of course that always leads to you leaning over their shoulder shouting “Click that. No, no that bit!” So here I was a point and click all to myself!

I was hopeless! Really for anyone who plays point and clicks it would probably be a skoosh, but with a littler perseverance I started to get the hang of it. Clicking on EVRYTHING in every scene helped. I slowly got the hang of learning to combine items to create new items to use. Some combinations are truly mind-boggling for someone like me. I’d never think of these things in real life!

Having said that Da New Guys was a lot of fun to play. I like how you aren’t rushed when playing point and clicks, which suits me down to the ground since quite often I’m staring at the screen willing some sort of inspiration of what to do next to appear. Perhaps the option of using hints would be a nice addition to make it friendlier to n00b point and clickers like myself. The story is definitely what keeps this game going though and it’s truly hilarious at times and borders on insane and I really enjoyed it.

The controls are as you would expect in a point and click…if you need me to explain them then see me after class. Your inventory is kept at the bottom of the screen, nicely hidden until you hover over down there and likewise for the game menu at the top of the screen. Most things in each scene are labelled which is handy since the cartoon/retro style graphics can occasionally make it difficult to figure out what you’re actually looking at. Perhaps the graphics could be a bit more polished but in the same respect the style of the graphics suited this game. To get an idea of the style and atmosphere of the game, its easier to show you a trailer than try to explain it, so here you go:

I really enjoyed the humour of the game. It might not be everyone’s style of comedy but that’s down to personal taste. If you are not really into point and clicks like myself, then maybe this isn’t for you, but I was rather surprised and glad that I was give the opportunity to try it out!

7 sweaty wrestlers out of 10

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