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Lunar Flight Review (PC)

Hello once again everyone! Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) here once again changing things up a bit from my last few reviews of strategy games I look at a Space Simulator game called Lunar Flight.Lunar Flight is a Space Simulator that is a modern rendition of the classic game Lunar Lander. The main objective of Lunar Flight is to complete various objects and goals, transporting cargo to the various lunar bases for example. You gain money and EXP for each mission you complete within the game, and the game also has online ranking boards to compare scores. The game can be rather difficult to control for those that aren’t very familiar with space sims. I myself have crashed more than a few times, but the games music and sounds make for a rather soothing and sombre experience. As you are floating across the moon in your lunar lander or spinning around wildly by accidentally pushing the pitch button too hard, the music offers a wondrous and alien experience. The music itself is well done and very enjoyable to listen to, and the background sounds of astronauts inside the lunar lander really up the immersion to the game.During game-play there are various menus and options that you must keep track of or you’ll fail your current mission. Your fuel level is the most important thing to watch. If you run out of fuel it’s mission failed and you lose money acquiring a new lunar lander. Crashes also lose money (currently I’m negative money). There are various missions for each base you can travel to and the 4 bases are Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. Alpha Base has 6 missions to start with. These missions include collecting data and transporting cargo to the different bases. There are also a variety of trials you can complete to help level up as well. These time trials have you travel to the various bases in a certain amount of time, for example going from Alpha to Bravo in the target time 2:45.00. Time Trials also have a leaderboard associated with each one that allows you to compare and compete for the best time.

There are also a number of upgrades you can acquire to improve your lunar lander, which costs money of course, and if you’re like me and have failed more times than you’ve accomplished things then you’ll be in the hole for a while. There are also a number of other menus that offer some insight on your lunar lander. The Systems tab shows your upgrades and any damage you may have received during your mission. The L.O.P.T.W menu or the “lift off power to weight” shows your thrust power to lift off from the ground. The Cargo menu shows any cargo that you may be transporting. The Map shows the location of the bases and your current location. You can also Repair and Refuel your lunar lander at the landing pads of the various bases.Overall the game is very enjoyable and quite the challenge, and the music is great as well. It provides a lot of fun and a challenge to those seeking it. I recommend the game to any fans of Space Sims or are looking for something very different to play. Thanks for reading everyone and I hope this has shown some insight on this game!

8 moon men out of 10


Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

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