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Make Your PC Games Look Better – ENB Graphics Mod 1.6 beta Overview

ENB Graphics Mod beta 1.6 overview with comparison screenshots.

Hey everyone, Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) here once again bringing you my latest ENB Graphics Modification play test! The version I used in my previous article on this subject is 1.02 but the version I’ve been playing with this time is version 1.06 beta for Skyrim.

This version is much simpler to use than the previous version which I was able to find it out after having a through conversation with the experts from site. The need to copy and paste files to your exe directory is now eliminated and the use of a loader is now implemented. In order to use the mod you must load the ENB Injector tool which you run in the background before loading your game and it’ll automatically load the mod on load. My current system specs are 2.3 GHZ AMD Phenom Quad Core precessor, 6gb’s of ram and a Geforce GT 430 graphics card and I don’t notice any performance differences. I will mention that it does use alot of CPU resources so a quad core or higher is recommended for the settings I use.

I’ve play tested a large number of games over the past few months and have uploaded screenshots of the results in different versions to an album i have on facebook which you can find here if you’re interested. I will also include a number of comparisons in this article as well.

The first game I will show you today is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. This game has a really impressive improvement over stock. Heres a few screenshots to show the improvements, there are 3 seperate styles I tested. The first is stock graphics, the second being with just the mod and the third I tested was with a new color palette. 

As you can see from the screenshots, the Stock photo has a heavy blurry bloom effect which gives the game a feel that the brightness is a little too high and makes the textures fairly blurry. The photo’s of the mod with no color palette improve on the lighting, texture detail and brightness giving the game a better boost in quality. The final photo with both the mod and the new color palette does everything and the mod does also gives the game a nicer bloom effect and a more CG like blur effect to outlines giving the game an even bigger boost to the graphical appeal. Of course screenshots don’t really do the improvements justice. Actually playing the game and seeing the improvements on an HD monitor is an engrossing and mind blowing experience. There are  a lot of effects that don’t show up in a screenshot, like heat haze and the rippling effects of the energy shield

Here are a few more screenshots to show the improvement:


The second game I’d like to show you today is Mafia II. This game has some subtle changes but looks great none the less. I’ll be showing some screenshots without the ENB mod, without the new color palete and with both like before.



The final game I’d like to show you all today is Dead Space 2, which also sees an impressive improvement over Stock graphics.


As you can see there is a nice improvement in bloom effects texture quality and reflection quality as with the other games in the article.

As you may have noticed the mod does wonders in improving image quality in games as well as adding new graphical enhancements such as, better bloom effects, shadows, ambient occlusion effects, better texture quality in some cases, and overall a better graphical experience. For anyone interested in using this mod I’m going to include an RAR file of all my settings for the mod, in order to run the mod with a select game just run the ENB injector before loading your game and your all set, you can find the file here:

That concludes the article folks, thanks for reading and if you enjoy the mod and are feeling generous you can donate to Boris Vorontsov the man who created this great mod to help in development here: Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope you enjoy the mod and this article!

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

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