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Amazing visuals in old PC games with the ENB Graphics mod

Our guest writer (and now full site member) Kyo Akiara shows us the amazing things you can do with the ENB Graphics mod.

Game Modifications on pc are one of the main reasons i love being a pc gamer, the modding community and the mods they create come in wide ranges of styles, ideas, and creations. This Article will Show various comparisons I’ve created using the ENB graphics mods for certain games. Most of the games I’ve tested so far (which isn’t very many out of my large pile of games available) have worked with the Oblivion version of the mod.

The ENB Series of graphic enhancement mods were created by a man named Boris Vorontsov who did amazingly on the various graphical mods he made, you can visit his website, and the ENB Download’s Section at this website,

The First Game I tested was Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box, I used the digital copy on EA Origin for this but I imagine it should work with other versions of the game. The first images I’ll post are of Stock Footage of the Game.

(Click onimages for full size)

The game looks pretty nice Stock with Full graphics and 1920×1080 resolution no? Lets take a look at how the game looks with the ENB Modification.

As you can see the graphical improvements are quite noticeable. The ENB mod adds several improvements that you can customize yourself based on your computers performance and hardware. Some of the features added in the game are, higher resolution bloom effects, SSAO, higher resolution shaders, color correction and higher resolution shadows and water effects, all of these settings can be tweaked using notepad to your liking.

The second game i tested was Sins of a Solar Empire using the Oblivion version of the mod as well. This is how the game looks like without Graphical modification.


It doesn’t look too shabby on full graphics with 1920×1080 resolutions, much like Burnout Paradise. Here’s what the game looks like with ENB graphical enhancement mod installed.



They aren’t the best screenshots in the world unfortunately, and I’ll be adding more to compliment these as well later, but you can see a very noticeable difference in lighting effects as well as texture quality on the planets, stars and ships.

I’ll show you one more game that I have tried so far and that’s Mass Effect 1. This also uses the Oblivion version of the mod, here’s without ENB graphics mods.



Like the others with full graphics and 1920×1080 resolution it doesn’t look bad at all.

Now here’s with the ENB graphical enhancement mod.



As you can see in this photo as well, the ENB graphics mod really improves the graphics and atmosphere of the game by quite a lot. I highly recommend the mods, and if you need help in setting them up feel free to ask me. You can also find more images of the graphical Improvements on various games I have tested here So far I’ve these 3 games and also Neverwinter Nights 2 and Prince of Persia and the Sands of Time. Neverwinter Nights 2 works with the Oblivion version of the mod, and Prince of Persia I’m still testing a bit. Look out for more in the future! Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you enjoyed the Article.

Kyo Akiara out!

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