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Competition – Get the Four-Game Blackwell Series as it Debuts on Steam

When Dave Gilbert founded Wadjeteye games, one of the first titles they released was The Blackwell Legacy. Following the adventures of Rosangela Blackwell, it was classic point and click fare with a retro look that was irresistible to those who grew up with Sierra adventures games like Police Quest.

The Blackwell games revolve around the cases and stories of Rosa and her ghost partner Joey as they investigate paranormal mysteries, most of the involving spirits of some description. Frequently the goal is to put the spirit to rest and let them pass on by resolving issues left when they passed away. It’s a sign of good storytelling that despite having essentially the same plot as the tv series Ghost Whisperer, the mysteries themselves are fascinating and, when they are finally solved, pleasantly satisfying little narratives.

When we reviewed the latest game in the series (The Blackwell Deception Review) we loved it. We are proud to announce that with our friends Wadjet Eye games we have copies of these games to give away.


How do you get one? Simple, look below in the comments. Are there already two comments there? No? Well if that’s the case, simply post a comment saying why you are the greatest detective known to man. Do that and you get ALL FOUR GAMES IN THE SERIES!! Has anyone posted yet? No? Then get in there now!

Once you post, simply join our Facebook group here to collect your prize!

A snippet of the press release:

Good thing it’s Friday the 13th, because gamers are going to be seeing lots of ghosts today… Wadjet Eye Games’ acclaimed Blackwell adventure game series is now on Steam! See the press release below for the full scoop.

These indie, point-and-click adventure games are available individually ($4.99 each for the first three or $9.99 for the most recent, Blackwell Deception) or in a $19.99 bundle. Plus, the individual games and the bundle are 25% off during Steam’s launch week sale!

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