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We’ve Been Playin’ Special: Star Wars RPG part 1

As we warned you, CalmDownTom just got a whole lot geekier as we launch our first Star Wars pen and paper roleplaying game session. Join Aeacus, Lapsed Gamer, Andy, Ealiom and me (Tom), as a bunch of intrepid rebels go in search of the military hero Adar Tallon on the desert world of Tatooine.

For those who have never played a pen and paper RPG before, hopefully this will give you an idea of roughly how it goes and how much fun it can be. Essentially group storytelling, we play very loose with the rules and try to keep the whole thing moving along. We hope you enjoy it, and for those with more experience feel free to give us some tips.

We are playing the positively antiquated West End Games version of Star Wars, which is now out of print. It uses a simple D6 system, and its quick and easy.

At the beginning of the adventure, the rebels have come to meet Agent Dana, a rebel spy on-board the Star Destroyer Relentless. In the team are:

Lapsed Gamer: Playing as the deposed politician Jeffen with a shady history.

Andy: Playing as Ticket, the homicidal cyborg Ewok.

Aeacus: Playing as Aeacus Jabberwocky, the Ewok technical genius and first mate to…

Ealiom: Playing as Ealiom, the smuggler and pilot trying to escape his underworld roots.

Ealiom crash landed on Endor where he rescued the near dead Ticket and his friend Aeacus. Using the ships med bay and his immense, natural and mysterious technical knowledge, Aeacus saved his friend from certain death by converting him to a cyborg. Later, they met the shadowy Jeffen who offered them immense wealth for passage, but to where, and away from whom, is a mystery.

Anyway, enough fluff. On with the game!

Oh, and this image won’t make sense till AFTER you listen to the podcast


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