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Pen and Paper Roleplaying – Star Wars RPG at CalmDownTom

CalmDownTom is about to get a whole lot geekier. Starting from tomorrow, we will be posting our Star Wars RPG sessions as a series of podcasts.

I got into traditional RPG’s after I started videogaming, but before I could afford a megadrive. While I wanted the drama and excitement of tha amazing looking games I saw in arcades, I could only achieve that through pen and paper gaming and the power of my little imagination.

This is an OLD RPG system, and we are using some seriously old source books. Released long before the new movies, West End Games version of the Star Wars RPG was seen as so seminal to the serieis that it served as the backbone of the expanded universe and Lucas himself endorsed everyone who wrote in that space to consider it their gospel.

A quick and dirty system, it uses six sided dice and….. well listen, just download the podcast and you will see what its all about. If you have always wondered about traditional RPG’s then you can learn all about it as we bungle through. If not it should still be amusing, either in an amazing or terrible way. Maybe it will even convince you to try your own pen and paper roleplaying session!

Oh, and the newer movies never happened. Han shot first, pod races don’t exist and there is no such thing as a fucking Gungan!

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