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Links of the Day 18th November 2011

Tekken: Blood Vengence looks….. really, really bad. Poor quality CG, bad lip syncing and awful dialogue. No ones expecting anything amazing from a CG movie tie-in, but this looks much worse than something you would see in a bad games cut scenes. Nina’s shiny costume looks weird and everyone has that dead-eyed look going on.
At Eurogamer


Minecraft is out for realzies – in other words it’s not in Beta any more. You can even get it on the App store now. Celebrate with this video.


Had to happen….


Lets get science-y!

More Star Wars RPG tonight. For those who listened to Episode 1, this might make sense:

Finally, if you want an Assassins Creed Avatar costume, simply be the first to join our Facebook group! There’s totally a link over this way somewhere > (up a bit)

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