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Tintin review (iPhone/iPad)

A warm welcome to out guest reviewer BigDawg with his first review. The first of many we hope!

So after testing my literacy skills at I informed Tom I had purchased Apples new iPad2 and asked if he would like me to review any software for it. Tom sent me a code to review Gameloft’s “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn”. Stressing to me he needed the article by Monday I replied, “Calmdowntom, it’s in hand”.

Who doesn’t remember Tintin? He has been about since the early 20th century, created by Herge’ in 1929 as a reporter with his ever faithful dog Snowy solving mysteries and getting themselves into trouble. This time in 2011 Mr Speilberg has given Tintin a makeover for children to enjoy once again in the form of a animated movie, The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret f the Unicorn which is currently in the cinema.

Now I’m usually not a fan of games from movie spin offs but decided to give it a chance and delved right in. The iPad the game is a point and click adventure from the 3rd person perspective. I usually hate point and click as they can get repetitive and boring with no challenge to them what so ever, but I found this game quite addictive. Why? Because not only did I have to point and click, but it also incorporated and complemented the iPads touch screen and motion technology making it a better game experience.

To advance in the levels you need to solve puzzles and during cut scenes you need to swipe the iPad the way it directs you to progress. During this you almost get a Super Mario type feel as you have to collect coins and jigsaw pieces by swiping them as they appear on the screen or run into them. This can get quite tricky when you’re fighting a bad guy and having to perform another action on the iPad yet trying swipe at coins at the same time. However there are levels where you get to control various characters (be it Tintin or Snowy) where timing is everything, whether its sneaking past a sleeping guard or avoiding dangerous moving objects. I particularly liked Snowy whose nose you can use to find the puzzle pieces your looking for!

The motion sensor in the game is what I loved best. From Controlling a flying plane using the iPad as the flight stick. Or using it at various levels to see what is around you and physically turning round 180* iPad in hand to see what’s there. The game is visually impressive too living up to the standards set by the animated movie and the voice acting just adds to the aesthetics making the game more enjoyable to play.

Lastibility? Well the game doesn’t take long to complete leaving you with going back to levels to collect coins and puzzle pieces that you may have missed along the way. Then again the price you pay at the app store isn’t asking much. Before I wasn’t too fussed about seeing the movie but having played the game it’s made me want to go and see it. I recommend this game as its addictive and value for money.

7 globe trotting adventures out of 10

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