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Should I be excited about… Captain Morgane (PC)

What will out intrepid explorer Nikola think of this new Monkey Islands inspired pirate-y Point n’ Click? Arr!

A message in a bottle was finally washed ashore, on the beaches of Ayr. No one knows what misguided current took it here, but it was about time. In the message, the story of Captain Morgane was told…

Captain Morgane is a truly interesting game…. as far as I can tell. When I picked up the game, I had no idea what to expect – I only knew it was about a charming looking girl, who was about to become a fierce pirate!

To my surprise, the game started with your character being only 8 years old and your first task is to do your chores (set by your mother). So, of to the water pump to fetch water – that is if you want to be allowed to go out and play with your friends.

Facing bullies, making jokes and playing an imaginary pirate’s life – this is the world of the little Morgane. Everything is about to change though when your father comes back in the village and announces that your uncle was lost in a storm.

The game play is fairly easy, you are only using the buttons of the mouse and the graphics are amazing – just what I would like to see if I was a young boy. The whole thing looks like a children’s encyclopaedia.

It is fairly easy to work out which items to combine, so that you can proceed forward in the game. I need to add, that playing an eight-year-old girl is only a minor part of the game. Not long after, it turns out that this is only a dream of your past, your lovely mother had died and you have set sails with your father, to help on the ship.

It is actually the day of your 17th birthday, that’s when the true adventure begins with the first task of finding 2 new sailors for your ship. That’s the first real task you face in the game, given to you by your father, together with looking for a new mission for the ship.

The only negative side to the game that I found was that the option buttons for changing the volume, switching on/off the music, etc. – were not working. It would have been nicer as well if there was a little bit more variety of different melodies in the soundtrack of the game.

As a whole – this looks to be a great little game. I enjoyed playing it and its definetely worth looking out for in the future.

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