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Welcome to Cloudpunk

It’s finally here! On Thursday the 23rd of April, Cloudpunk was released on Steam. I’m so incredibly proud of the work I did on this game, but I’m only one part of the team. The buzz around Cloudpunk was fuelled by the amazing world Marko and his team created. Flying around the city of Nivalis feels fluid and dreamlike, and even just from the gifs and videos that went viral, it was clear to our audience that the game was something special.

Now that Cloudpunk is out, I just hope the weird and wonderful cast of characters and the story – filled with intrigue, humour, darkness and hope – measures up to the rest of the game. I worked so hard on it, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think of Rania, Camus, Control and Huxley. Let me know!

So what next for me? Well I can’t say right now, and to be honest after more than two years on this project I am not opposed to having a little break. It will be little though, as there are projects I’m pretty sure I’m about to sign up for, and I hope I can tell you more about them very soon.

Get Cloudpunk on Steam.

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