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Metiks Fade 2 will be called… Anna and the Moonlight Road!

I’m delighted to announce Book 2 of the Metiks Fade trilogy is coming in Spring 2019, and is titled…

You can like and follow the book right now on Goodreads.

We leaked the announcement to a few of our favorite book reviewers and bookstagrammers on Monday as a thanks for their support. Anna Undreaming was a new fantasy title (and a strange one), released by a new author, so breaking through was a big challenge, but we were blown away by the reception we got. The team at Owl Hollow are amazing partners and friends, and I’m so excited to put out this new book with them and continue Anna’s adventures.

I’ll have more news to share soon, but for now, here’s the blurb, and some lovely imaged made by BelgiumBibliophile and Plum Report.


Broken, beaten, and exiled to the Sump, Anna has battled her way back to reality, but she returns to find her friends scattered and her enemies have grown in strength and number. Though she’s learned that in the world of Dreamers, sometimes the darkness is just a different type of light, she still hasn’t found her way out. And just like in nightmares, every time she runs away, the monsters lie in wait ahead.

Anna’s only hope for survival lies with new friends and a desperate plan to walk the Moonlight Road—a ghostly passage of frozen moonlight through worlds she can never touch—straight into the arms of the most dangerous Dreamer alive.

But no one, neither friend nor enemy, is prepared for the power Anna now wields. Her flame has kindled, and when they threaten those she loves, she’ll burn them to the ground.


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