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My Launch Week Diary – wearing out my F5 key and eating ice cream

Anna Undreaming came out on 20th March 2018, and as of right now, it’s hovering around the Amazon bestseller list in the fantasy category! If you wanna grab a copy, buy here.

Officially made two bestseller lists on Amazon!

We made it into the top 100, and we’ve been bobbing up and down around there since release. Constantly eyeballing sales rankings isn’t good for my equilibrium though, so instead of wearing out my F5 key on my Amazon rankings page, I’m writing this wee post and focusing on chatting with fans and friends and trying my best to enjoy this weird post-release twilight phase for Anna Undreaming.

This was my station for my launch day social media promotion. Supplies were essential.


Paperbacks in folks hands!

The melancholy come-down has been gloriously interrupted by messages from fans old and new alike telling me where they are in the book, what’s happened and which character is their favourite. Any writer will tell you, hearing people talk about your characters is the best feeling in the world. Some people love Elise, others feel intensely concerned for Anna and hope she makes it, and still others just want more cameos from Garret. And though I’m the author, I confess I feel the exact same way! I hope Garret comes back. I hope Anna makes it. It may seem like I should be the one that knows the answers to those questions, and in a way I do, but right now I am here with you all; just another fan, experiencing this weird book called Anna Undreaming as if I’m discovering it for the first time. And it’s hard for a creator to say this (especially one that’s quite self-critical) but you know what? I think this book is good.

Did a wee reading. Sorry for the rubbish camera angles.


Thanks everyone. I’ll stop talking now and share some of the launch madness.

Welcome to the Anna Undreaming launch week party. If you grab a photo, let me know and I’ll post it here too!

All the ebooks!

Smoll fan.

From a fan in Asia!

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