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Beauty Creep (Erin’s) Monthly Round Up Featuring Anna Undreaming!

My wife and I watch tons of Vloggers, but Erin’s videos were special for us. Nana found them first, and she liked them because she felt they gave her insight into Scottish culture and what Scottish people are really like. She also liked how positive Erin was, and how she talked about inclusion, diversity and feminism. Basically, she was great.

When I was looking for people to send Anna Undreaming out to, we thought we would try contacting Erin, but we didn’t think she would be interested. When she agreed to receive the book, we were overjoyed. Chatting with her on social media, we came to realise she was just as lovely and funny in real life as she is in her videos.

In this round up she is incredibly kind and funny as ever. It’s still really weird for me to hear people talk about parts of the story, but I guess I’ll get used to it eventually, and if they’re half as nice as Erin, I’ll be fine!

After you watch this, go check out her amazing travel videos, funny Scottish culture videos, and subscribe to her channel

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