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Interview Round Up

Here’s all the interviews I’ve appeared in so far in 2018. Many (many) more are coming.

TV interview on Live at Five

Radio interview on “Book on Pulse” with Shirley Whiteside
With a reading from Anna Undreaming, listen from 17 minutes.

“Scot writes short story about wife to give her as a gift – now its a published novel”
Interview with Anna Burnside at The Daily Record

Glasgow Lives feature by Elaine Livingstone.
Glasgow Lives: Tom, 37, Riverside, author

“Wishaw author Thomas Welsh set to release debut novel.”
Interview at Ross Thomson at The Wishaw Press

“I love the idea of art changing the world.”
Interview with Ross Crae at The Sunday Post

“For me, heroes aren’t people who are ruthless or uncompromising, they are people who are kind.”
Interview with Thomas Neil at TSA Magazine (Page 32).

“I’m from Glasgow and I like Ursula K. Le Guin books, Souls games, pizza, maps and dark fantasy stories where women save themselves.”
Interview with author Amanda J Evans at her blog

“There’s lots of philosophical ideas blended – perhaps mangled a little”
Interview with Keira Brown at Fountain Review

“I just write about what’s interesting to me, and that could be anything from existential angst, suicide, the slow breakdown of a middle class marriage, serial killers, magic or cyborgs fighting vampires on the moon.”
Interview with Seregil of Rhiminee at Rising Shadow

“I also managed to write a hundred and six thousand words about a magical world without ever using the word ‘magic’.”
Interview with John Robin at Epic Fantasy Writer Blog

“The rock star lifestyle is yet to set in for Thomas.”
Long, in-depth interview with Hol7ly on her blog

“Every time I tell someone about a great story I want to write, it’s like I’m pouring the idea down the drain. Don’t tell it. Write it!”
The four mistakes almost all novice authors make’ at Horror Tree with Stuart Conover

That’s it for now, but there’s lots more coming throughout Feb. I’ll keep you posted!

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