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Author Update – NaNoWriMo Failure and Writing for Games

Well that attempt at NaNoWriMo didn’t work out at all! For those that don’t know NaNoWriMo is National November Writing Month, and it’s an event where authors try and write a book (at least 50K words) in November. I did pretty well at the start, but then got a commission to write some short stories for a videogame and that threw me off. The game project was great fun though, and though I can’t say anything about it right now, I should have something you can read soon.

I also had some edits to complete for my first novel Anna Undreaming (coming out March 2018), and though edits are always tough, I feel like the book gets a little better each time. My publishers are also really good with the edit notes, sticking in little compliments in the text to keep me going. It might seem silly, but having the occasional “I love this scene” or “I am glad that evil guy is dead” really helps keep your morale up.

So although NaNoWriMo wasn’t a success, I still got 12K words down of a new book. That’s not bad! The new novel is a dark fantasy called “Hope is Coming to Eat Your Heart” and is a darker than dark story of a knight called Anu coming back from the grave to get revenge on her immortal brothers, The Seven Fallen Knights. It’s feminist, LGBTQ+, action-packed, nasty, horrifying and (hopefully) redemptive to. It’s pretty far off, but I thought I would share early for this one!

For Anna Undreaming, I am looking at cover art soon, and right now I’m working on a distribution list of reviewers or fellow authors who need to get an early copy. If you know any people like that (or if you are a reviewer of fantasy author) Mail Me!

More news soon! Thanks for following.

(PS If anyone wants to help me with my book, good news. You can! If you could vote me up on this list, it would be a HUGE help!)

Click Vote for this book” on Anna Undreaming, I am currently around number 44.

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