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Paul Scott Canavan Will Teach You How to Art

I can’t even art. I wouldn’t know an art if it arted in my general direction.

But I know how to get started with arting. It’s with these videos by my pal Paul Scott Canavan. Paul is art director at Blazing Griffin and a prolific freelance illustrator who is as keen on teaching and sharing knowledge as he is on creating amazing work.

He’s just posted two new series’ of tutorials. One is free and one is not, so try the free one to see if its any good (it will be) then give him some pennies for the other one. Your money will allow him to make more. Everyone wins!

So is Paul actually good? Well yes. He really is. Here is his work on Kotaku, inspired by No Mans Sky.

Not bad right? There’s even more of his work here.

So to art like Paul, check out his tutorials here.

Bellow we’ve included some words from Paul on what he can offer the aspiring artist/wizard:

A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to. And when he does arrive, he busts out stunning traditional-looking paintings using Photoshop.

By watching this tutorial you’ll be taking your first steps into the wonderful world of Digital Art Wizardry.

Paul’s Tutorials

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