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Should I be Excited about….. A Story About My Uncle

Trailers for videogames are sods. They generally tend to show you the best parts of a game, be it cut scenes or gameplay, with the intention of hooking you in and having you begging for more. Well, A Story About My Uncle’s trailer did just that and we were fortunate enough to get a preview of the game to see if the trailer is justified and if indeed you should be excited about A Story About My Uncle.

2014-05-15_00002A Story About My Uncle started life as university project for its creators and shortly after released as a free download. Since then it has come a long way – the students have now become Gone North Games and Coffee Stain Studios are publishing the finished polished article. The game is the story of a father recalling a tale of when he went on an adventure. Armed with a special suit he is whisked away to a magical land where he begins the search for his inventor uncle. The twist in A Story About My Uncle is that it is a non-violent first person puzzle platformer that sees you exploring this magical land rather than killing everything in it. The only shooting to be seen here is firing your magical grapple which allows you to traverse great distances in a single leap.

2014-05-15_00005Graphically, A Story About My Uncle is beautiful. From your uncle’s house to the caves that hide the entrance to the magical land and beyond, the game would not look out of place in an animated feature film. The world has a fairy-tale look and feel to it that just sucks you into the story being told to the little girl.

The gameplay of A Story About My Uncle feels like it has been stitched together from two of the best first person games ever made – Mirrors Edge and Portal. Players will need to get from the start of an area to a predetermined point. To get there they will need to combine jumping, running leaps and swinging from their 2014-05-16_00007grapple in a sort of fantasy free running session. Now, in order for this to work, A Story About My Uncle will need to be Fluid in both controls and graphics. And from what I have played of the game so far, this is not an issue. The game runs as smooth as a baby’s bottom; there are no frame rate issues as you get the feel of speed whilst traversing through the world. The controls are also well thought out; the keyboard and mouse controls are intuitive and great care has been taken to ensure that the only difference between these and a controller is down to which you prefer.

2014-05-16_00011In a world filled with First Person Shooters, A Story About My Uncle is trying something different and from what we have seen, is having great success. So, yes, you should be excited about A Story About My Uncle and we look forward to playing the full game and letting you know our thoughts in our upcoming review.

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