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Thanks Gaming 2014: Least Ultimate Edition

Final update: Thanks Gaming Day 2014 raised £3,359.49 for Yorkhill Children’s Charity

ThanksGaming is a Glasgow based fundraising team, and we play gaming marathons to raise money for good causes. You can help us!

This is the first year of ThanksGaming, and we will be playing games for 24 hours non stop (not as easy as it sounds!) to raise money for Yorkhill Hopsital. I want to help recognise the great things they do and support their hard working team.

This year, the event is Thanks Gaming 2014: Least Ultimate Edition, where the theme (for those brave enough to attempt it) is the worst games of all time! Can we survive 24 hours, with no sleep, no rest and nothing but awful, awful games?

Our cause this year is Yorkhill Children’s Charity, which provides and supports excellence in paediatric, obstetric and neonatal healthcare enhancing the treatment, care and wellbeing of children and their families through The Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Yorkhill and other hospital and community based services.

So how can you help? Well, you can take part!

How to get Started:

Go here
Choose “Fund Raise for us”
Choose “personal challenge”
Design your page.
Tell everyone about it, ask them to sponsor you
That’s it!
Once you have made your page, make sure to join this team so we combine all our totals:

If you aren’t able to take part, why not support us. We have stretch goals and everything! Check out the options below. Chose an awful game for Tony to play! Watch Kevin play Mario dressed as Princess Peach! Make me play Sonic 06!

Support Alan as he plays League of Legends, I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, Surgeon Simulator, Eurotruck Simulator and Envirobear 2000.

Support Ann as she plays baordgames while dressed as a Panda!

Support Tony and if we raise enough we can make him dress as Hannah Montana, or even Miley Cyrus!

Support Ben as he plays Crusader Kings 2 and have a say in how he rules.

Support Kevin as he donates money every time he dies in a Mario game… while dressed as Peach!

Support Stephen if you love World of Warcraft and being awesome!

Support Kieran will be playing Lair. Remember Lair? It was so very awful.

Support Batman! I mean Martin.

Support Tom (me) as I play the worst of the worst

Support Mhairi
and choose a bad game for her, pick a costume for her to wear or have her write you a song!

Support Mike as he plays classic awful games like Dessert Bus!

Support Paul and make him play a bad game of your choice for HOURS!

Support Stuart because he’s cool.

If you come up with your own challenge, let me know and I’ll put you on here too!

And if you support any of those above, you can follow their streams on the day. And if you sponsor us, even just by sending a few pounds/dollars then you’re awesome, and we can’t thank you enough!

Also, follow the whole thing on Twitter and Facebook.

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