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Sick Kids Save Point – Game On!

The CalmDownTom team are all set up on their team location for Sick Kids Save Point. Rather than partake as individuals, a collection of our staff and friends have gathered for the 24 hour gaming marathon.

If you don’t know yet what Sick Kids Save Point is, head over to to get all the information. The CalmDownTom team have raised well over £2500 now towards the charity, but it’s not too late to donate. Visit the team just giving page and pick one of our members to support.

Here’s a little roundup of what the CalmDownTom team are planning to play over the next 24 hours:

Tom is going to be attempting to platinum three PlayStation 3 titles within the 24 hour time frame.

2013-10-11 17.41.18Eresin will be playing World of Warcraft, unless someone can get her away from it. She’s planning on leveling up a Death Knight.

Kieran is starting off with some Kingdom Hearts before some other PS3 games

David is going to be playing Sonic in every way that he can

Ally had a bunch of classic PS and PS2 games sitting out, including a few Final Fantasy games, and I even saw Hogs of War in there!

Kevin is also looking at Final Fantasy, but is focusing on doing a complete run through FF VII

2013-10-11 17.47.07Mike, Ann and Brian were setting off on some board games, with a huge variety to choose from. Mike also planned on playing some PlayStation move games.

Paul was also planning on some board games, but is first of all nuzlocking Pokemon shiny gold rom

Anthony is playing Dark Souls naked. Or rather doing a naked run in Dark Souls. Listen, it’s the character that’s naked, not Tony.

Sean and Alec are playing League of Legends. Sean plans to go onto other things, but Alec is attempting the full 24 hours on LOL.

William is playing a variety of games, but is getting started on Sprung!

You can head over to this post to see a few of live streams coming from the above mentioned!

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