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The 15 Best Salty Bet Matches of the Week

I’ve been betting on Saltybet this week. A lot. I have been to the mines, and I got back out again. No idea what I’m talking about?

Well have a read here. The read through my highlights for the week. Then go to saltybet and say hello to your new plans for the weekend!

15. Taste My Powder!
I won at good odds on this fight. Going into the second round Blossom flew off screen with a life lead and everyone thought she could eke out a victory by hitting Yuri once, getting lucky then running away. We were all amazed when isntead of doing that, Blossom just beat her in a striaght-up fight. DPing her out of the air, strining combos. It was a great match, and a well deserved win for the young lady.

14. Fat Chance
This was my first exposure to Fat Albert. As I should have guessed, he had a whole crew of helpers who jumped in and massacred my choice of some little dude. Sometimes you win by going for the small hit boc, but never bet against a character from a show with a big cast. You are guaranteed he’ll pull through his whole roster of mates to massacre you.

13. Dio in the dark
I’d see Dio fight before and thought he had a chance here. And he almost did! At the start of the match he came out strong, but Bulsseye’s big ultra attacks wiped him out. I was very wrong on this one.

12. Shoto 4 Life
Ryu is my main in every Street Fighter game. Why did I bet against him? I guess I was chasing the money, hoping I would be the only one betting on a pink Megaman. I was. But for good reason. Evil Ryu is immense in action. I didn’t even mind losing to this behemoth.

11. Don’t be that Guy
This was just straight-up a great fight. It was one of those rare ones where both fighters feel like they’re controlled by a person rather than an AI. Tactics changed and the match ebbed and flowed. In the end Guy won, but what a fight!

10. Always bet DBZ
We Salty Bettors all know the rules. Always bet DBZ. For me though, I love to see them lose. Screw the mexibeam, always bet the cutre anime girl with a screen load of meters. The lady won here, and well!

9. Where did everyone go?
There are occasional matches where flying characters will simply leave the arena, disappearing into the sky to start a new life. In this match, both characters left the game. This meant that the winner was determined by which one slapped the other before they departed to win by technically. Boring or tense? I kind of enjoyed the spectacle!

8. T U R T L E Power!
This was just a beast of a match. Back and forth, the screen was constantly exploding with energy beams, while Raph jumped and kicked like a true Ninja. It was close, but in the end the beams were just too much for him. It was exciting though!

7. Dio no longer in the dark
The match that made me like Dio, he ran this one close despite being a heavy underdog. Another fun match to watch, he was beaten in the end, but it was a close contest.

6. Get your hand off of my woman!
I mainly liked this one because of the ridiculousness of the bouncing comedy boobs and the giant groping hand. It was also a good match. Floating characters are often too hard to hit, but here the hand wasn’t as good at escaping damage as you would think. It still won though, and so did I. Master hand? Master something.

5. Mr Pretty Good
Despite cries of “Mr Incredible Sucks”, he actually took this one. I mean, he’s a super hero with powers fighting a girl with a broom! Sure, in Mugen that normally means she will definitely win. But here, as in real life, she was pounded into the ground.

4. Don’t Blame me, I voted for Kodos
This match was just amazing. Lion was heavy, heavy favourite, but Kang was amazing. Maybe he got lucky, but Lion’s bit attacks missed and some lucky bettors won big with our new, benevolent alien overlord.

3. Bet on hitbox
I don’t know these characters. I can’t remember who won. It was awesome. I think. There was a lot of jumping and combos. I think. Look, I had been betting a lot by this time! I was tired.

2. This is delicious!
My good friend Ealiom is a major Bison fan, and after this I was too. I bet against him (stupidly) but afterwards I was left in awe of his psycho power. He wiped the floor (see what I did there?) with the little maid in this match. That’s why he’s a boss character I guess.

1. I am very (Crono)cross about this defeat
I put this one in here more as a potential great fight in the future. This fake-ass Crono sucked badly, but one day I will bet on a REAL Crono, and he will be amazing. For now though, I can just wait for that amazing day and respect Metallo’s victory in this match. But one day a real Crono will come along, and I can’t wait till he travels into the past and erases his opponents from existence by stabbing them in the womb….. Ok, that makes me sound bad…. REAL CRONO 4EVA!!!

Thanks for reading everyone. Where you Salty Bet this weekend or do something else (pfft!), I wish you a good one! See you in the mines.

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