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Should I be excited about… Memoria (PC)

It has to be said, I am a massive fan of Daedalics’ point and click adventure games. They have consumed many of my gaming hours and most of those hourse have seen me repeatedly try to convince myself that the game is fine, but that it is me that has missed some vital clue. This game is no different, and it will have you testing your patience and wit in equal measure. The puzzles aren’t too difficult, and the story is brilliant, so much so that it has been compared to KOTOR, not by me but by…. someone. Anyway, Daedalic have gone and done it again and made a brilliant looking adventure game filled with fantasy, adventure, magic and an epic story that will keep you transfixed to the screen until the wee hours of the morning.

MemoriaThe art style, as I have been accustomed to with Daedalic, is amazing. Normally I would start a preview of a game off with a short “Go Gettit!” type speech. And for those of you who live for the story of a game, then this game is definitely for you. However, I want to start off by saying that this game is a visual spectacle. It uses a different art style for the characters than it does for the the rest of the game, and normally this would put me off. But, Daedalic know what looks good, this is what I know them best for, and they have done it again. Just… wow. Ok enough of me slobbering over the pretty colours.

The game tells the story of Princess Sadja, a story which has been forgotten and lost over time by all… or almost all. You start off as Geron, a local hero and mage, and begin your journey by talking to a child. Like all children this child is overly in your face and questions your heroism and magic ability, so you break her toy. Just kidding, but that is a hint for the game. As you pass this childs test you are privileged with the company of Fahi. Fahi is how the story is passed on to the player; you peer into his mystic wonderments and are then Sadja. It’s not quite sold like that in the game, but it is close. Sadja’s story is all about her quest to become the greatest hero of all time, and this begins with you joining her midway through a quest with her fellow heroes.

MemoriaThe games story is epic, but the way it is presented to the player will not be new to Daedalic fans. This game looks set to be absolutely brilliant, I am looking forward to the release so that I can finally listen to the conversations in English.





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