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Molydog – Dogulus Rift is the Winner of Glasgow Molyjam 2013

The Molyjam was an amazing event this year and was bigger than ever, and I was lucky enough to help organise the Glasgow event.

The judges deliberated long and hard, but in the end they couldn’t resist this amazing Oculus Rift title based on the life of a dog.

2013-07-06 15.20.12

2013-07-07 18.16.54









I got to play this and I can’t stress enough how impressive and weird an experience it was. The goal of the game was to embarass your owner (but also covertly, the player) by barking, bobbing your head to run faster and tilting to the side and lifitng your leg to pee on people. The results were hilarious, and just like Surgeon Simulator took the world by storm after a Jam. Dogulus Rift is all anyone is talking about right now!

Here’s how it looks as its played by Sick Kids Save Points Tom Freeman, who was one of the judges this year.

And here’s an even longer video:

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