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IGDA Scotland Event – Community Management and Press Relations

IGDA ScotlandHere’s the newest event details for the next IGDA Scotland event. I hope as many of you as possible can make it. You will have to listen to me talk, but there are good people coming too!

Are you already a member of IGDA Scotland? Are you based in Scotland? If you said no to the first question and yes to the second, you must not want to work in games. Or you just haven’t got round to it. Well then, why not come along to a meeting and see what you’re missing! Join now, right here.

On the 24th of July we are back in the capital for an exciting IGDA Scotland meetup. The meetup is going to focus on the topic of Community Management and Press Relations, with a panel session being held which will provide insights on how developers can engage with the press and also grow their audience.

The panel will include the following:

imagesDave Sapien
Dave Sapien, Artist turned Developer turned Games maker.
Focusing on creativity and experimentation and is known for having a thirst for the innovative, fun and educational. Dave runs two studios Me and the Giants, an educational game and apps studio focusing on young children, and the aptly named Dave Sapien ltd, the experimental and creative outlet.

Working mainly in mobile, iOS and Android, this year both companies have a huge line up of with no fewer than twenty scheduled releases by this December.


Graeme StrachanGraeme Strachan
After many dark and sordid years reading Classics and Ancient History at Edinburgh University Graeme found himself scribbling incoherent rants and diatribes which have found expression in his writing and criticism.

Graeme is currently Deputy Editor-in-Chief at SquareGo, Scotland’s only independent Videogames magazine, which he co-founded and for which he has previously served as Editor-in-chief.

Grame has been a Theatre Correspondent and critic for over 7 years, which is a natural extension of his interest in playwriting.

In the past he has written for publications as diverse as Acegamez, The Skinny, State, PC Gamer and British Theatre Guide.

Thomas WelshTom Welsh
Tom is the owner and Admin of the second-rate and poorly run community games site has now been operating for almost three years. During that time we have seen continued and sustained growth… and we have found that reviewing and writing about games can be stressful and time consuming! We have also found it to be the most challenging but rewarding thing we have ever done.

Starting as a small opinion site, we have grown in scope and ambition. We are now one of the biggest sites in Scotland by site traffic. Three years and almost two million views! We cover every aspect of games culture. We post reviews, create media content and work with local developers while always trying to keep our content light, irreverent and up-to-the-minute. We’ve all been gamers for a long time, we love our hobby and we defend its integrity and its worth to anyone who fails to understand its relevance in the modern world.

As always when we are hosted in Techcube, we will be moving on to the Royal Dick, Summerhall’s onsite bar, once the content of the night is completed.

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