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Top 5 EA Star Wars Games We Want To See

It was recently announced that EA has made a deal for a “multiyear exclusive” on the Star Wars license. It’s a guarantee that we’re going to be seeing more Star Wars games and from some of EA’s biggest development studios. No games have been announced yet, but here’s a selection of what we here at CalmDownTom would like to see them make…

Jar Jar Binks5. Bye Bye Jar Jar Binks

Let me set the scene. Isaac, of Dead Space fame, finds himself aboard a long abandoned cruiser in a galaxy far far away. Then suddenly, necromorph Gungans start bursting out of cryogenic storage pods! Grabbing his trusty plasma cutter, Isaac starts to tear apart the CG menaces piece by piece…But what’s that at his feet? Some kind of beam sword. A “Light Saber” if you will, which dismembers the creatures even more efficiently. While it’s unlikely their game will be like this, EA has announced that Visceral (creators of Dead Space) are indeed working on a Star Wars games. We can only hope it’s as fantastic as this idea, because at the very least the dismemberment tech of theirs would work pretty well in conjunction with a lightsaber.



Star Wars Epsiode 1 Pod Racer4. Burnout: Podracing

Star Wars Episode One: Racer was easily one of the best things to come out of the prequel movies. It was a podracing game released on N64, PC and Arcades and was surprisingly great fun. But what if Criterion had made it? The makers of the Burnout series and more recently the Need for Speed series have consistently been creating fantastic racing games for years, and this could result in a podracing experience unlike any other. Imagine drifting round corners in a podracer only to crash into one of your opponents, causing the game to enter that crash camera we all know and love from Criterion’s racers as the vehicles are deformed and destroyed.



Star Wars Battlefront3. Battlefrontfield

I have to imagine that of all the games in this list, this is the one that will actually end up being made. EA has confirmed already that Dice (makers of Battlefield and Mirrors Edge) are working on a Star Wars game and lets face it, it’s probably going to be their own take on Pandemic’s Star Wars themed Battlefield clone. Large scale warfare on the latest iteration of the Frostbite engine, with a Star Wars twist? It could be fantastic. The Battlefront series were pretty popular back when they released but the third entry in the series has been plagued with numerous delays, cancellations and developers being shut down. In fact, the last game came out in 2009! It’s overdue a new game (or at least one of a similar style) and the Battlefield developers seem like the perfect fit to make it happen.



Star Wars 13132. Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313 was one of the first glimpses of next generation graphics that we saw at E3 last year and when Disney bought Lucasarts the project was canned. The concept seemed solid, an Uncharted style romp through the underbelly of one of the biggest Star Wars worlds with a focus more on those without access to The Force than Jedi and Sith. It could have been a fantastic game, and maybe still could be. Those assets must be sitting on a hard drive somewhere, perhaps EA could get access to them with this deal and finish it off?



Knights of the Old Republic1. Knights of the Old Republic 3

Knights of the Old Republic is quite simply one of Bioware’s best games. It told an interesting and deep story that outclassed the stories of half the Star Wars movie series, fleshing out the history of the Jedi and Sith in a way that fit perfectly into the universe without having to fall back on the characters that players already knew. The second game by Obsidian was also a worthy successor, but many players agree that Star Wars The Old Republic (the MMORPG recently released by Bioware) wasn’t the next entry into the Old Republic series that they wanted to see. Bioware has been confirmed to be working on a new Star Wars project, so what could they bring to the table for a third entry? Well it’s simple enough, a true sequel in the same style as the original game. None of this Massively Multiplayer nonsense. A story driven single player experience that tells a twisty tale of politics between the Jedi, Sith and the rest of the Galaxy, that’s what we want. Perhaps if they took what they learned from the Mass Effect series in terms of being a cinematic experience too…

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