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Top 4 Things I Want to See in Wolfenstein: The New Order

It has been confirmed the the game teased by Bethesda last month is a new Wolfenstein and it will be developed by MachineGames. Bethesda will only be publishing, which means that they have time to work on other projects right? Like maybe a Fallout seq..? Anyway, we’re all excited about a new Wolfenstein, but I was wondering what they could bring to the table as their last release in the series was Wolfenstein in 2009. So what has 4 years of meditation and ideas conjured? I don’t know, but here is what I am hoping for.

Wolfenstein4. Genius Nazi Science

As this is set in a different time line (where the Nazi’s won World War II) I am expecting there to be ridiculous and mind-boggling technology used by the Nazi’s to win the War. Hopefully there will be some zany futuristic-retro weapons to steal from the enemies. Also, when you beat them Nazi’s with your crude – by comparison – weapons it will feel like a sweeter victory.



Wolfenstein3. Multiplayer

Multiplayer for Return to Castle Wolfenstein was one of its best features. It has been reported that there will not be multiplayer in this version, however, and I feel that there definitely should be. Who doesn’t want to kill your friends as the Nazi’s, with their awesome weapons and stupidly stereotypical German-English accents? Who doesn’t want to go the Allied troops, with their lets-do-them-in-chaps attitude and friendly jibes at their Nazi foes.


Wolfenstein2. FPS Brilliance

I want the outdoor combat to be glorious, with the player having to use everything as cover as if it is the O.K. Corral. You should have few bullets and many enemies, but obviously also a chance of surviving or it wouldn’t be as awesome. I want the indoor combat to be tight and heart-racing, with enemies popping out of corners if they have already been alerted, and I want there to be a possibility of melee/silent kills when you sneak up on the patrolling enemies.


Wolfenstein1. Good Story!

It can be said of many First Person Shooters that their storylines really aren’t all that brilliant, but I feel with MachineGames taking the helm and leading the game in a new direction that they will be able to give an in-depth storyline whilst you shoot some Nazi’s in the face.

I am really looking forward to the game, and I hope that a few of these ideas might be in. Multiplayer being the least likely, but you never know.

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