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The Death of Console Gaming

A nightmare version of the future:

The new Xbox and PS4 sales are disappointing. An initial surge by early adopters is followed by apathy as new games don’t look or play better than old ones. Software sales are rock bottom. With publishers struggling to sell games on current consoles, they have serious trouble with the next hardware generation with smaller user bases resulting in poor sales.

Gamers become disappointed with the minimal differences between old consoles graphics compared with the new ones. Publishers can’t afford to research how to fully utilize the new consoles power, so no really impressive titles come out. At some point people realise that the Wii U’s low sales figures were just a sign of things to come. The Wii U ends up selling better than both MS and Sony’s new consoles.

With few adopters of the new consoles, publishers make their money back by overcharging. Game prices go up. There’s an accompanying outcry as gamers ask “why should we pay more for games on PS4 and new Xbox when all they offer is 1080p support?”.

In exactly one years time, we all start talking about the death of console gaming.

So is it just a bad dream? Tell us what you think!

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