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Top 13 3DS Games That Will Help Nintendo Dominate in 2013

While the recent poor performance of the Wii U and the upcoming release of new consoles from Microsoft and Sony have stolen all the headlines, another little development has gone unnoticed amongst gamers. That’s the upcoming swathe of brilliant new games coming to the 3DS!

It’s not something that many people are discussing, but Nintendo’s little handheld has some serious software coming its way, possibly enough to blow away the competition. If these had been launch titles, the 3DS would have been massive from the beginning! As it stands, these games could help the 3DS achieve its potential.

Castlevania: Lord of Shadow -Mirror of Fate
EU Release Date: 8th March 2013
The Belmont family continue in this latest addition to the Castlevania Lord of Shadows. Mirror of Fate boasts 20 hours of gameplay to enjoy. I’ve tried the demo that was available on the Nintendo eShop and after that I rushed off to pre-order. I can’t wait!

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
EU Release Date: 22nd March 2013
With the expansive Monster Hunter world you will have equipment and weapon upgrades, challenging monsters and over 200 quests to tackle make this latest offering, the most expansive in the series so far. You will also be able to share your save data between your 3DS and your Nintendo Wii U ensuring that you can continue to play even if you can’t be at home. This is the game that Japan is waiting for, and with the 3DS growing in popularity it might find a willing fanbase here too!

Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon
EU Release date: 28th March 2013
It’s a long time coming but it’s so very nearly here. By the end of this month you can be enjoying the very long awaited sequel to the Nintendo GameCube game Luigi’s Mansion. Luigi’s got the upgraded Poltegust 5000 and we’ve also got some multiplayer action to look forward to.

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titans
EU Release Date: 5th April 2013
This JRPG is having it’s first outing on the 3DS and has been very popular in other parts of the world. Yes we are last to get this one again folks!

Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused?
EU Release Date: 12th April 2013
When the brain training games first came out they were a huge hit. I played it for a long time, although the game could never understand me when I said the colour “blue”. I really enjoyed it and I think it did help sharpen the old grey matter. If you are looking to keep the old brain cells from hibernating then pick this up in April.

Fire Emblem Awakening
EU Release Date: 19th April 2013
Even IGN has the quote “The best thing to hit the 3DS since Super Mario 3D Land” for this title. This game has already been released everywhere else and has achieved astounding popularity. Snap up this strategy RPG mid April. It’s definitely on my wishlist.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
EU Release date: 14th June 2013
It’s about bloody time is all I can say! You are now the Mayor of the town and there is just so much in this that I can’t even begin to write it all down. Streetpass should be a blast too.

Disney Infinity
EU Release date: 28th June 2013
Similar to Skylanders, you’ll have figures to collect. Perhaps one more for the kids, but we all love a bit of Disney somewhere in our souls. No doubt this will be lighthearted good fun, but will cost you a fortune.

Mario and Luigi Dream Team
EU Release Date: Summer 2013
This Mario and Luigi RPG will take place in Luigi’s head. Well in his dream anyway, where of course he is much braver than in real life. Go Luigi!

Pokemon X and Y
EU Release date: October 2013
I hear that there’s going to be baby Pokemon. I don’t know, I’ve never played a Pokemon game in my life but I’m starting to get a bit curious. Even if you aren’t a fan of Pokemon games this will be a big seller for Nintendo.

Super Smash Bros 3DS
EU Release Date: Unknown
Yes, you read that right. Super Smash Bros is coming to the 3DS as well as the Wii U. There hasn’t been much said about it at all, so I have no video here. Keep an eye out for E3 where more details will be revealed. Hopefully a 2013 release.

Ace Attorney V
EU Release Date: Unknown
If you have missed Phoenix Wright then miss no more! The events of Ace Attorney 5 takes place 1 year after Apollo Justice. It has been confirmed that this title will be released in Europe.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies
EU Release Date: Autumn 2013?
If you just can’t get enough of these Professor Layton games then you’ll have Azran legacies to mark in your calendar. It’s already had its Japanese release and Official Nintendo Magazine has pointed out that since Curious Village in 2008 all UK Professor Layton games have come out in the autumn.

So that’s the coming year for the 3DS. A strong line-up for Nintendo. Maybe the 3DS has finally come into its own. What do you think? Tell us in the comments, or Tweet us your thoughts!

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