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Glitch Free Gaming at CDT

Glitch Free GamingWe have exciting news! CalmDownTom is proud to present Glitch Free Gaming. We are delighted to host this brilliant podcast series. We hope you love it as much as we do. The guys at Glitch Free Gaming are just as enthusiastic, excited and dedicated to gaming as we are, and we are proud to be able to give them a home.

Glitch Free Gaming is an independent weekly podcast about gaming and gaming culture. Bringing you clever insights into the gaming world, personal opinions on the games that matter (all of em!), Glitch Free Gaming aims to be an entertaining, conversational show where the listeners opinions matter too.

Glitch Free Gaming’s first podcast should be up in the next few days. If you already subscribe to CDT podcasts then you’re good, but if not (and you have an Apple thingy) then go here:
Glitch Free Gaming

Otherwise click the Glitch Free Gaming tab above for more info and updates!

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