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Sick Kids Save Point

Calm Down Tom is proud to help support Sick Kids Save Point. We will be offering some great prizes, and many other fine folks from the Industry are too. Lets give games and gamers a good name!

Sick Kids Save Point is a 24 hour gaming marathon being held 12th-14th October 2012 to raise money for The Sick Kids Friends Foundation. This is their third year.

The foundation supports the work of the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh. The Hospital receives over 100,000 children through its doors each year from all over the country.

* Extra comforts, which make time in hospital better for children
* Facilities
* Extra medical equipment
* Support for sick children who are cared for in the Community
* Funding for extra training and research

Last year they smashed the £10,000 pound ‘platinum’ target. In fact they doubled it, raising, £21,000 for the charity!

If you don’t want to take part, you can sponsor them here! Please give what you can to support them… They’re going to push through the fun barrier…

Also look out for the #sksp hashtag on twitter – things get pretty amusing as the marathon kicks off.

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